"I seen him! There was an old man by the sea last night carrying what looked like a pair of hands on a chain! I dared not go near him..."

"I hear that mage is back in town.. I think his name was Cameron?  Well I don't like him.. seems too big for his britches if you ask me."

"What is wrong with this town!?  Human sacrafices!? What a bunch of barbarians!!"

"Has anyone seen Kiellor.....maybe the vampires staked him instead."

"I coulda' swore I saw a big ol' Orc in the woods the other day, outta' the corner of my eye. When I took a closer look, I didn't see nothin' at all!"

"If Cinder is afraid of Fallow....how is the town ever going to protect us, maybe its time to run."

"That bedouin lass came back beggin' for folk to take her back to Pesmerga. Bah, let the beast have her, says I."

"There's been far too much bump in the Pendarvin nights recently. Whispers say the watchmen suspect the Drow, but no one knows what they want"

"Well I certainly won't let MY daughter spend time 'round anyone with a name like 'Jackhammer'"

"I saw them, damn-near a whole village of demon-bloods living out of a cave near Dreaga'Mire. Someone should tell the Guildmaster, he'll have himself a crusade, he will."

"Those blasted Lizardkin are going to far with their traps! My dog found one, but the next one found me."

"If you see him, you should run. If he sees you, you die."

"Don't go anywhere near the cracked lains. There are strange ruptures that send out a white dust over the land. Some say it's just salt. I say... Drow."

"That Father Edwin, he ain't never done me ner mine no harm.  I say it's them Tellinghasts just pushin folk around.  Won't be happy 'till every priest and cleric in Travance is one a them!"

"...hell, you know how those Graith boys are, three months they been huntin' and never once did they come back empty handed.  That's more than just luck or skill that is, someot else at work there, you mark my words."

"I tell ya I don't like it one bit.  Brazenites I can live with, but these Chroniclerites and greenskin Enaxians makin their way into the Barony.  The Church had best stop squabbling amongst themselves and take care of this problem before it gets out of hand."

"Dark elves always seem to be behind everything......"

"Yeah, thats another caravan thats been attacked.  If the guard doesn't protect the trade route a bit better I'm not sure if we'll ever be getting in new goods."

"I was travellin' into town the other day an' I came across a bunch of folks turned to stone right in the middle of the path.  Looked like they never saw what hit 'em."

"The weather seems a bit off this season.  The Druids need to have a talk with those gods of theirs."

"Ja hear?  Dem priestly folk don' pay taxes."
"Day don'!?  Us farmers pray to Gaia nuff.  Maybe we should go be priests too. Sure would save me some coin.  Maybe even help da crops out."

"Counts' been round these parts quite a bit.  Heard he's trying to bring "order" to Travance.  But if he's here, who's leading the expansion efforts?"

"Some chap claiming to be a Paladin from several years back was poking around asking quITe a bit of questions last Baronial Feast.  I don't remember ever hearing about the bloke.  I wonder if he wasn't one of Fallow's agents in disguise!"

"Some goblin was shot with an arrow and stuck right to the tree by my corn field!  I ain't cleanin' him up though, that seems like a job for the Baronial Guard!"

"My cousin lives out by one of the mines in Pendarvin, says he can't get a wink of sleep.  Seems like theyre workin the miners overtime, I thought slave labor was outlawed in the grand kingdom of Kormyre?"

"I was walkin by the guard barracks in the proper the other day, coulda sworn I saw the bushes and trees moving.  My buddies said theyre probably evil spies out to get me... I'm not so sure that's only a joke though!"

"With spring coming, I'm gonna learn how to skin animals and tan their hides.  I bet it'll be alot more useful then most people think!"

"I've livin in the proper for near 6 years now... I can't even begin to explain what I saw wondering through the forest the other day.  They say some things'll lead you to drink, but I dont think there's enough ale in all of the dwarven kingdoms to wash away the image of that BEHEMOTH I saw....."

"Look to the shadows and you will see us there. Pray we aren't looking back."

"I heard my son sayin' he wishes he could heal his wounds like a troll does! That got him a good beatin', I'll tell ya. How could a boy get skin like a troll anyway?"

"Even a king can be turned to a slave if the worm telling the tales twists them right."

"I'd say, out of all the colors, green is my least favorite."


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