"Lord Fallow?  Didn't we deal with him once and for all?  What do you mean no?"

"Four Lords again!  Finally, it's nice to have all the lands stable and under firm leadership!"

"The other night in my dreams I saw this really wierd-lookin fellah hurryin around like he was lookin fer somethin.  He was tryin to talk to me as if he- Hey thats him over there!"

"I hear Lord Pyre caught a cold.  Get it?.... OK, OK, I'll be quiet."

"I baked some chocolate chip cookies for the Yule Holiday, and my wife just screamed and ran in terror!  I didn't think I was THAT bad of a cook..."

"Did you hear the church is going to try that Father Edwin again?"

"Golden Goose? What in Valos' name is a Golden Goose?"

"A poison brewer? At large in Travance?  He must have a great front for his business."

"And then the wildmage completely destroyed her own cake! It was insane, let me tell you..."

"Happy Yule Tidings! Be safe in that cold. It might be the death of you!

"There are spirits wandering the woods at night. The sound of branches that rattle are in fact their chains that tie them to this plane of existence! They seek rest, but that might not be all."

"So's last night I was having this crazy dream I was getting mauled by a bear, but when I woke up, I had these bruises and scratches like it really happened!"

"We should all be on our best behavior while that Inquisitor is in Travance... I don't want to get snatched up and 'questioned.'"

"That's the fourth attack in as many days, the dark elves are back and attackin' the mines! Our men don't stand a chance against these raiders."

"I oughta cut you for sayin' bacon ain't that great!"

"I ain't got a decent night's sleep in two weeks!"

"Plague!  Plague!  Didn't you hear?!  I'm not feeling so well..."

"Fallow's back?  That's crazy, the heroes of Travance wiped out an entire other village saving us from him, there's no way he could be back.  Probably just Pesmerga again."

"My neighbor was telling me just the other day that his wife disappeared out of thin air. He was talking to her one minute and turned away but for a second and when he looked back she was gone."


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"You'll find Travance is the place of exceptions. The exceptionally powerful, but also the exceptionally stupid. Sadly, you'll find that usually these two qualities are found in the same person."

~Mythrien Dragonsong to a new townsmember

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