I've been seein' more and more shadowy figures in the forest... I wouldn't dare go out at night if I were you! Cuddle up with some grog and settle in for some long nights this winter...

Ol' Brimton's farm had a hell of a haul this year. We're settin' up double the picket to keep the grain stores safe!

Our son an' daughter went missin' in the night while they were in their beds. All we found were the curtains flutterin' in the cold night wind...

What's all this about a person named T organizing a bunch of bandits to steal food headed from Allisandria to the proper? I'm glad the town could do something about it.

Hell, why don't we all just go join Pesmerga? It seems like he's already taken most of us.

Di' ya hear, the trade chancellor's in jail for killing someone.

Know what I'm not eating at the dragon claw, heard some goblins the new cook...

Speaking of goblins anyone notice just how many have been allowed to live in Travance? wha the hell?

I'll tell ya what. If it weren't for that 'armor brigade', my hide would be tanned.

Did Gaia get drunk when she was making the animals? Spiders with swords for claws? I mean, what's next? Wolves with axe paws?

I saw some man walking in the moonlight with a sword that sparkled like a star. When he scabbard this weapon, he was gone. You believe me, right?

I know we're supposed to be indoors after dark, but my neighbor went up to the guards barracks so report a break in. He told me he saw stange shadows darting about the building. Can we trust any of these suposed heroes?

I went to visit my Aunt in Drega'Mire, but her house was empty. The whole village was empty! There were still meals half eaten on the tables. What happened?

Old MacMullan was one of the first settlers across the rift. Said he survived a cataclysm, demons, Gods and were-creatures. When he got word about that vampire lord being back in town, he turned white as a sheet and fled. If he's willing to give up his land, maybe we should be running too!

How is Sir Ahlman still a knight?!  He's killed more townsfolk than any other villain we've faced! I think he might really be the mastermind behind all this nonsense...

I don't believe that Solomon did anything special.  That pirate was decaying as it was.. I betcha even I coulda killed em.

That there town guard done nothin' to stop our folk from disappearin'.  I'd bet not a one of 'em can be trusted.

Undead pirates....undead vampires...and missing townsfolk...soon no one will be left to save us

There has been alot of strange noises coming from the forest south of my bean field.  I went down there to check it out, and was blocked by a giant web.

I've heard that the minotaurs have been acting up more and more since Shen and that Darkheart fella stepped down.  It won't be long till they start trying to carve out a piece of Pendarvin for themselves.

It's only a matter of time before that Sylvan tribe gets themselves killed by someone very angry

Someone approached me on the path and said "Excuse me, good sir, but have you been killed this evening?" I barely got the word 'no' past my lips before he struck me down most severely. By the grace of Galladel, though, I owe my life to Sir Cinder.

My son whittles tiny models of the town's heroes. I didn't think anything of it until I awoke to find a miniature battle line surrounding my bed. He keeps insisting he didn't do it, but dammit, a good thrashing will teach him to tell the truth... boy his age is too old for such childish games.

I was there. Thomas Ahlman came into the picket line and started cutting men down. Thank Galladel Lord Corado was there, he not only got Pesmerga to call off the attack but also got our men out before anyone died!

Valos is condeming us now?!  I'm packing up and going back across the rift, and I'd advise you to do the same.  Leave all these heroes to deal with Valos's wrath.

A Chancellor?! My sickly hen he is! He is a murderer, cutting down Bedouins and taking their heads. Glad I am not from the desert...

I saw the Count riding in up to Honor's Peak with Sir Atrus. You suppose the Count will make him our new Lord?

With that vampire taking so many of us it is hard to know who we can trust... Why are you looking at me like that?

Wow, that Cyrus Darrows sure is young to be a Guildmaster in Kormyre! He sure can throw a hell of a fireball though! Wonder what he's doing round these parts...

This creepy guy was in the inn last asking about where some of the goblin camps were.  Why would anyone want to find them?

I was up all night last night, listening to these screams coming from my neighbors cottage.  I was just too scared to go help him.  Valos save us.

Has anyone seen Lord Pyre lately?  I heard he's sick, I hope it's not serious.

Even the nobles are afraid of that vampire, perhaps we should leave town before he takes over... again.

Thomas gone, Pyre's never seen around town these days, Solomon and Shen no longer nobles - everyone's afraid of that new vampire in town.   Maybe we should join up with him, it couldn't be too bad right?

A priest at a chess match gets a message from Valos himself instead of one of the Templar? Either something's afoot, or someone's gunna get real angry!


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