"That thar gaia don't seem to be too steady. Seems like she up and left that thar priestess-folks of hers... she better not leave me corn crop the same way!"

"Them heros been eatin each other's mamas. They say it make ya be stronger than 10 oxen, but i dunno... maybe if you fed yur mama to the ox?"

"I heard that knight with the dead wife is gonna kill off every man in town, 'till he finds who done killed her, I don' know bout you, but I'm runnin!"

"My cow has rickets, and I think it's cause of that damned vampire and his wenches."

"I said good morning in passing to Sister Rosa and in response she picked me up by my head and threw me clean off the porch of the inn... I wonder what's gotten into her?"

"I hear every time Alia speaks a puppy dies mysteriously."

"Did you see Sir Adentfire when he came back? *shudder* I don't even want to know what they're doing to Sir Reign."

"Why is everyone in tears over another dead drow?"

"Where the is the Baron finding these servants, I mean really, last feast I didn't even have a fork!"

"Did'ya hear, their serving people at the Dragon Claw now..."

"Is true? they're imprisoning people who attack Drow? I thought they were an enemy..."

"Too many darn outsiders - First those Khitans now what, I say if ya gonna be here learn to speak common, wut?"

"Oh boy!  I can't wait to see how Sir Solomon tears up that Rykeswolf fella!"

"It's about time we got a real leader back in town!  These nobles of today are a bunch of slackers! ...But I didn't say that out loud."

"My farm is nearly gone from these crazy monsters!  Won't anyone help me!?"


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"It would seem that we can tick off our first theorem already: all the tea and biscuits in the world will never make a civilised party out of a band of Celts."

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