"Yesterday morning, I woke up with a blue and gold star with eight points around my eye. I tried to wash it off, but I couldn't! I wonder if some sort of mage did this..."

"Can you hear them!? I only thought it was in my dreams.. but the voices are following me!  I can't sleep anymore, thats when they'll get me!"

"That Brogan guy is right!  The penguin is coming! There is no escape from it!  We're all doomed!"

"I overheard one of the clergy talking about a Malycite stronghold nearby! Why haven't they done anything about all these Malycite attacks?"

"Mum, can books eat people?"  "Of course not, monsters do."

"I ran across this cave type place the other day but it was over run by these things, couldnt tell ya what they were. It smelled like death and metal."

"A few nights ago, I saw a man with a red feather in his hat and a man with black and red armor get jumped by a bunch of thugs, and the thugs kept on fighting despite being very, very outclassed, like they were being controlled to do so. After the fight, the man with the feather in his hat fell to his knees and clutched his head in agony, despite being unharmed."

"He's returned and even Sir VonRitter's quaking in his boots! We're as good as dead... or undead... whichever's worse."

"D'ja hear about that priest? He wanted a demon, and all he got was a fine. I got a old angry sow woulda made a fine demon for far cheaper."

 "I hear them crazy mages went to a wizard's tomb... you can bet I got me some salt ready to fight them zombies they'll have before long!"

"All them chroniclerites looking for the first hero of Travance's grave, maybe they were looking to do more then make a grave rubbing."
"I bet they took some souverniers with 'em too. Powdered bones sell good on the black market."

"If the greatest bounty hunter of all time is afraid o' that pesmer... pessemistic.. pester... passerby...? vampire fella, we best pack up our families and get on outta here!!"

"Death is coming.  Soon this land will be covered by a blackened sky of nightmares.  Glomm's seed of corruption has finally planted itself in this towns soil..."

"Some guy in a creepy ole' mask came upta' me and asked me where tha' guardsmen normally patrol round the proper. He gave me a humongous chest a' gold in return, but after 'bout 5 minutes it disapurred. What 'ave I gone an' done?"

"Just last moon there was a talkin piece o' driftwood down by the lake! I swears it!  It even turned that Darius fella's hand into a clock!  Beware the great and powerful water spirits!! They're quite impressive.."

"Did you hear?  Captain Barak hired that goblin onto the guard.  Mark my words, they'll be a rash of unsolvable murders and robberies soon."

"I was drinking with some merchant guards the other night.  They were saying that bandits are attacking more caravans now. "


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