"So it was the druids behind the raids on Londwynian camps? Good for them, I say, maybe those Londwyns will leave a little faster. Did I tell you they felled a tree that nearly landed on my daughter once?"

"All the mages are crazy, I tell you. That Apollo fella's been running around calling himself Grimdar for weeks"

"They say deep in the swamps of Drega'Mire lives an entity known as... The Wish Fish!"

"Did you hear the Sir Ahlman broke into the Cobbler shop in the middle of the and ransacked the place?  If we can't trust the knights to keep us safe, who can we trust?"

"I was walking back to my home from the fields the other day, all of a sudden it was the middle of the night.  When I got home my wife says that I was missing for over a week."

"So the church is just letting that heretic Osred just wonder around?  Shouldn't they do something about him?"

"Last feast, despite the heat, I felt extremely cold from time to time. I wonder what that was about..."

"Did you see the teeth on that thing? I swear, it nearly tore my leg off!"

"How am I, a simple farmer, supposed ta' feed mah whole family when some jerk is sellin' one little piece a' meat fer two silver? One gosh darn cake for eleven gold? That there's more than I make in a entire year! Why's no one enforcin' them trade laws?"

"Those damn gypsies, being so loud, and passing around their damn devil-juice. i woke up to find my only daughter stolen away! it was poison juice too, i had a headache all day."

"Look at all this trouble the Valosians are causing, and now three of em are missin.  You ask me I think they're right looking to start a war."

"Jonas Kane was the first one to tell about the hole in the inn, and then all those people went missing.  He didn't disapear, I bet he caused that there hole, and took them people."

"I hear a certain high-up knight (wink wink) been gamblin with the dark elves.  Word is he's in love with one of em, but the family won't give no dowry, on account of she's a thief."

"There been some strange happenins 'round these parts... I seen some shadows lurkin' by my shed, I want the help o' them hero folk, but they'll just trash my farm from killin em!"

"Something ate my sister!! A whole pack of them down by the docks!"

"Some guy sayin' somethin' 'bout his buddy Glomm knocked me out the other day. When I woke up, there was a big ole' snake carved inta my arm."

"As I hears it, some magical fella's been sniffing around these parts, claims he's on "Official Guild Business."  Ha! I bet that pointy ear will sort 'em out if'n he's a lyin.  It be a good show, mark my word boys."

"All of the carpenters are talking about how the church recently ordered a bunch of big, wooden, lower-case T's. I wonder what that's about."


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