"I heard someone was torturin' this poor fellow and he disappeared right there on the table!  Remind me to tell the truth next time I find meself on the rack for stealin' bread."

"Now.. why would a vampire commit suicide?"

"Its kind of like 'why did the chicken cross the road?' To get away from the butcher."

"Tha' woman ova thar been lookin' for 'er husban' an she thin's he dead, t'uth be told he been doin' tha same thin', lookin' for 'er. Don he know tha' shes alive?"

"... and all of a sudden fog came out of this book and swallowed my baby! I should of never have taken in that young man..."

"All the celts are going where?! To war?! So.. you're saying I can unlock my alcohol cabinet?"

"I tell you, I saw it with me own eyes.  Mother Moonshadow walking side by side with a drow! First that illithid and now the drow?  Is there nothing she isn't allied with from the Underdark?"

"Are these stories true?  Was Valos really a mortal man?  Maybe the gods aren't as aloof as we thought."

"Even the other local drow seem to be suspicious of that new one that's crawled out of the underdark recently."

"We should round up all the wildmages and lynch them... or at least run them outta town! Everyone's willing to tolerate them until they explode in your face! Let's do something about it before it becomes a problem for a change!"

"The gods is people!? I wanna be a god!"

"Did you hear that the Baron was on some sort of secret mission for Count Winterdark? Yeah, that's why he hasn't been heard from in months."

"I swear to you Marty, I saw a small mountain walking across the South field the other morning.  ... Well yeah, of course I dipped into the Ale, I always do, but that doesn't make it any less true."

"I was stopped the other morning, but some cloaked figure.  He hissed at me, and asked if I knew anything about Element Incense or some such nonsense."

"A mute goblin you say? Gods be praised, my dreams have come true!"

"What's all this talk about clergy summoning demons and working with undead? That sorta' stuff doesn't seem very pious to me, let alone legal."

"I swear on mah' life! A man wit' two heads walked right on in to mah' farm an carried away one a mah' cows like it was nothin'!"

"Damn them gypsies... a big ole' caravan of them rogues came through these parts and now I ain't got any money! They didn't even go lootin' through my pockets, they just went an' used their roguely wiles tah' fool me inta' gamblin' it all away."

"Why did this happen to me, of all people? I just had to go and open my mouth... now it looks as if today will be my last."


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