"Me boy found a pile of books under a rottin' tree last night. Couldn' read a dang thing in them, musta been written 'n some other lan'age."

"I was just cleaning up a bit and I hear this thud at my door, I open it and what do I see? A basket with some sort of infant creature teething on my steps! This is the seventh time and prick my finger its going to be the last! I'm putting a sign up on my door."

"I been hearin' the strangest howlin' coming from Dreaga'mire.  I wonder what it is?"

"I'm rich!  This strange man who called himself a knight of Markovia gave me a bag full of gold just for showing him around Travance!"

"'Silvers don't grow on trees' My father would always say, but not far from the grove I found a place where it does!"

"I heard some noise across the road during the night, and peer out my window towards my neighbors house to see goblins with masks and black clothes crawling all about his roof. They went down his chimney, I hope he's alright."

"I heard that Gamblor fellow lost three bets involving 'cards to the death'. Must be a fast runner, too."

"Wonder when this blasted evil fog is gonna filly clear out.... whatya mean fog is natural? Thats the craziest thing I've ever herd... of coarse fog is evil!"

"Thats right! The goblins came in took all my silverware and the guardsman just looked away! I tell ya we need less of thems witch hunters, and more goblin hunters!"
"...you won't be saying that when ghouls take your children."

"You can always trust those men in hats! Look at that Squire Aleister...he wears a hat and a mighty fine one at that...I'd trust him with ma life!"

"I heard tale the Valosian clergy was keepin' all the money they get every month to start another war! Aren't they supposed to donate it to rebuild the damage we already suffered?"

"Did you hear about old McCormick's farm. They say they have heard all of these odd rustling noises surrounding their melon fields. I wouldn't want to find out what was making them..."

"What is with all of these druids running about at night. I can hardly even get to sleep at night any more."

"Didja hear that ruckus a few days back up in the Auralonds? I saw this bright light in the windows and heard a huge crash up the mountainside..."

"Are we still at war? Goin' ta war? I've lost track..."

"I saw some burly fella unloading a lot of crates the other day near the trade hall. I wonder what Zahir's got coming in from the far side of the rift."

"Didya see how many people were packed into them Black Orcids casino night?  Wonder what they're gonna do with all that gold?"

"The captain of the guard abandoned the town.  If he lost hope, what chance do the rest of us have?"

"The underdark's been way too quite lately..."

"A man who says he's the famous scholar and treasure hunter Bartholomew Verdunacci has just come over the rift. He says he has in his posession the skull of Saint Cincinnaro, which legend says can cure any curse, disease, or insanity in the world. The people of Travance will be allowed to visit with the skull and receive its blessing for five gold pieces!"

"I found a rotted old satchel and some bones in the woods the other day, and the satchel had some coins in it! I felt a little guilty just taking a dead person's money, though, so I gathered up the bones and paid the grave digger part of the money to give the poor soul a proper burial."

"About, about in reel and rout, The death fires danced at night;
The water like a witch’s oils, Burnt green, and blue and white."

"Beware of ornery woodcutters out for vengeance!"

"Let me be the first to congratulate Lord Corrado, but I wouldn’t turn my back on him.  The people of Dregamire should lock their windows at night."

"I hear the Castellan has a drinking problem, I for one say RACK EM UP!"

"Last moon I was drinking in the Dragon Claw when a man with a TAIL turned over the poker table.  When the smoke cleared, three men were burnt to cinders; I ran all the way home."

"The boy who works for me says he was walking in the woods late at night, the next thing he remembered he was strung up in a snare.  He said he was tortured by drow, and the physician says he’ll never walk again.  I think he just fell down a well."


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