• I swear, why can't something nice knock on my door in the morning?  It's always something that wants to eat me!
  • Druids are all about The Balance, eh?  What if they decide we're doing too well, and it's time to give evil a hand for once?
  • I made a lovely set of pies, and set them out on the window to cool down some... one of them's gone missing.  No one is safe!
  • "We won't train you until you jump out of bed to fight monsters in your underwear" He told me... I don't think I want to be a Witch Hunter anymore.
  • You would think things would quiet down since all the local Dark Elves left, but I guess we really were
    safer with Sir Cinder around.
  • I haven't been able to sleep all week. Sometime about midnight every night there's a horrible racket at my door, pounding, shouting, squealing, but when I go to look outside it stops, and I see nothing. I know I'm not crazy, my neighbors claim it happens to them as well.
  • Word has it that Lord Edelhark of Avondale has pledged a reward of 250 gold pieces for the head of the man or woman that killed his son in Travance back in February. He's hoping that the reward will encourage someone to pursue the matter more "aggressively" than the barony official has. One of his servants has come to Travance for this purpose.
  • I've been hearin folk makin this horrible whistlin drone sound, it aint right I tell ya... someone should check to see thems not really ghosts.
  • Howlin' Hubert, one of the Dragon's Claw Inn's regular drunks, has been claiming that he knows where a leprechaun's pot of gold is, and that he's personally seen the "wee git" stashing treasure there. He won't go near it, though, because he knows about their dread curses and necromatic powers.
  • An Anti-Paladin has come to Travance, intent upon murdering Sir Antrim!
  • I've been having this crazy dream about a horrible sea creature every night, but they suddenly stopped wednesday last week.
  • Somethings really been stirring up the animals lately. I keep hearing wolves every night, closer and closer to my farm.
  • The Nobles and the Church fighting openly, this won't turn out good for us, just watch.


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Third Quarter Moon
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