"That little Greenskin volunteered to stay in Mordavia?  With Germain in charge?  Either she's daft, or she's up to no good!"

"Blasted weather hasn't been reliable for months... every time my wife sneezes, the seasons change again, it seems."

"Who is that strange man that keeps talking to his book..."

"I heard some whispers in the woods about a blue druid, you think it's a new forest spirit comin through? If it is it better take care of all the trouble we been getting outta those woods!"

"You didn't hear it from me, but my cousin's sister's halfbrother's best friend heard something about tensions with some guild and the baron, this is hot stuff! The barony's gonna fall! Better start packin your stuff and head back to the main cities...but you didn't hear it from me...."

"I swears it ma! I saw a big bunch of green things move! and one of them was yallowish! I swears it!"

"The farmer's kids been seeing things again, better take him to one of those physical people, you know the ones who do head work."

"Ah heard the new chance'ler uh trade is makin it so everyone can buy things what with lowerin prices and such! Maybe now I can afford me one of them fancy items those heroes is always usin!"

"Did you hear what they've been doin to all them broken down buildings? I head the baron is tryin to get people to move into 'em! Hope they got the gold to turn them places around, elsewise things could get a lot worse!"

"Some crazy old pauper came walking down the street the other day, kept sayin he was the Archbishop of some such, he sure didn't look like it though. I don't think he was quite right in the head."

"Damn these nobility!  I think they been screwin us all up!  Maybe if someone were to hire some o' dem rogue folk..."

"For the love of Valos!  Who keeps stealing all my bacon!?"

"I saw it again!  I swear to ya there IS a giant runnin round Dreaga'mire! Won't someone help!?"

"I heard some treasure-seekers found a cave that maybe now they wish they hadn't. Some folk found them dead just inside, and now THOSE folk have been feelin' sickly and sayin' that they 'lost their shadows'. Probably they just gone mad."

"The Merchant's Guild is growing alarmed at developments in Travance. I've heard that they will soon be establishing a chapter here and accepting applications for membership. In the meantime, they're being especially careful to ensure that their members carry a credential with them when they come to Travance. And, uh, I've even heard, but uh, I don't know for certain, that they've quietly informed the Rogue's Guild that stealing from non-guild merchants is encouraged."

"I passed a noble caravan on my way across the rift. The fella with the baggage cart said it was the son of Lord Edelhark of Avondale, and that he was comin' with a whole lot of meteoric ore they found recently. He said he figured to get the highest price imaginable in Travance. I'd say he's right... "

"Damn these Londwynians and their 'Industry'! Felling trees all over the four lands, getting closer to the grove with each passing day! Someone needs to tell them they aren't welcome here!"

"There was an old man with a single tooth was seen wandering around in rags the last couple days asking about finding the Baron. I doubt the baron would hold audience with such a filthy rat of a man."

"I'm never drinking that Absinthe again! Trying to walk home the trees were reaching out to get me, and I swear one of them took my pouch."

 "The war effort's won us a new spot o' land, eh? Just what I want ta do, go live on the front line to a war we barely know nothin' about..."

"The chill of winter is upon us like the chill of death. Let's hope this cold passes soon..."

"You see that awful moon the other night? All hazy an' red? That's gotta mean somethin, don't it?"


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"You'll find Travance is the place of exceptions. The exceptionally powerful, but also the exceptionally stupid. Sadly, you'll find that usually these two qualities are found in the same person."

~Mythrien Dragonsong to a new townsmember

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