"Did some strange fella with them wierd blue glasses ask you abotu ruins too?  Strange folk be wandering around these days..." 

"Heya Jim, have you seen Jacob anywhere?  He been missin' fer 'bout 3 days now.."

"I knew it!  That fella's right.  Them paladinfolk have been keepin secrets from us!"

"Demons everywhere!! There is no escape! We're all doomed! DOOMED I SAY!!"

"So I says to this guy walkin down the road, I says to him, "you been hearin that noise off yonder?" and he looked at me funny and he bit me effin' arm!!  Really, who does that!?  Ooh... I'm feelin a little woozy... I'm gonna go lay down.."

“Back in Oringuard, a Bedouin man was telling me that he is interested in hiring hands to help him salvage antiques out of the old ruins within the Barony. Who would want to buy a bunch of old junk?”

“Been 5 men gone missin patrollin those woods. Folks have been sayin there's undead about, but I know those bastard greenskins are behind it, comin from the Auralonde's again!”

“Old Elkin's grainary is almost full up for the winter! It looks like we're set for once. Thank the gods for our good bounty!”

“Bears! Lots of em! Mind those caves lads, cause it's the time of their hibernation and they are none to pleased with intrusions on their sleep.”

“Them bullywogs have moved out of Dreaga'mire but no one knows where they got to. Could be they're near the Proper even now!”

“I found some old bones out in the woods the other day, and there was a rotted leather pouch near them. I figured that person won't be needing the gold and silver I found in it anymore, but I'll sure make use of it! You have to be careful out there, though. The woods get dangerous this time of year with monsters lurking around here and there.”

"What is wrong with these nobles?! Lettin' wanted criminals and necromancers like that Oraphin joke walkin around!  I'm gettin outta here before were all zombies!"

"I sure do miss that Lord Fallow guy, he sure was a great leader.  Too bad he isn't comin back..."

I swear I saw it with me own eyes!  That Tyros fellow turned into a dog before my very eyes!  He must be one of them werewolves.  Quickly, get the witch hunters!

“Ah' wes walkin through the woods near the old church ruins and heards a creepy noise, then a rabbit attacked me! sounds like we got some kind of vermin infestation! But I can't figure what the rotting smell was....”

“The dog ran off again last week, when I found him there were these other dogs with him, but they looked different, like they were part person or summit....I dunno what those damn druids are up to but I didn't stick around to find out!”

“My daughter was sleeping soundly during the demon attacks a few weeks ago, but woke up with a scream. I asked her what happened, she said three shadows climbed the side of the house and vanished into thin air. I thought she grew out of her fear of the dark...”

“I just saw the Suicide King walking side by side with a cat and a very...VERY strange woman.  What's he up to now!?!”

“Between that orc fella and that hobbit lass? My money's on the orc.”

“As I was gathering leaves for my special tea yesterday morn, I spied a wee, redheaded man with a green suit taking piles of gold out of a hole in the ground by the oldest oak. Once he left, I went to, uh, satisfy my curiosity, but after all that digging I didn't find a thing...”

“Last night as I lay down to sleep, I hear hunting horns off in the wood. A short time later, a man comes running through my field, followed closely by half a dozen horsemen who cut him down right there on my doorstep. They collected his body, sounded the horns once more, and rode off into the forest.”


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