Well, we survived that... how often do they have those reunions, anyway?

Fergit the Dark Elves.  What about Dark Dwarves?  They're just as creepy, and no one pays any attention to them!

My son and myself were chopping lumber yesterday morn, and when we got to a certain tree, it picked my son up off his feet and threw him a good ten yards... I'm going back tomorrow with a torch to teach it a lesson, WHO'S WITH ME?!?!?!

You know it was a great time when even the celt swears he's never been so drunk in his life, three cheers for Satyr parties!!

Whatever happen to Brother Germaine?  Wasn't he suppose to lead us against Fallow?  What kind of leader would abandon us?!

I saw a Satyr and a goblin in the woods haggling over the price of what looked like sticks of incense. That goblin made off like a bandit with at least a dozen gold pieces!

You look pretty strong, come with me, no time to explain!!

What?!  The clergy and the nobility are going off to some dark empire?  But who will stay to protect us?

Have you seen that pirate walking around pretending he's an honest guardsman?  Whats this barony coming to?

Good riddance to all those Satyrs, I say.  My garden was trampled, crops uprooted, and there's this strange smell coming from my barn that I'm not even sure I want to find out what it is.

Gather 'round to hear this tale.. listen now to the songs we sing, wait... where'd everybody go?!

My little girl looked up at me today, her eyes turned black. Should I be worried about this? From what I hear I should be.. since I love my little girl I think we'll just leave town.

I woke up this morning, and there were some weird purple flowers in me garden that weren't there the night before.  Wonder where they came from?

A tribe of bullywogs has come up from the south and been raiding towns in Dreaga'mire! People who value their belongings and their lives are posting watches at night and keeping a careful lookout for any sign of the frogmen...

When will Travance resume its crusade against Fallow? All they've done by the look of it is a pick a fight they can't win! I hear tell that some towns are thinking about swearing over to Fallow's side just to be safe.

Holy Valos but there's one mighty fleet of ships now tying up at the docks in Dreaga'mire! Some strange lookin' and strange talkin' folk are aboard, and I hear some say these folks are from a place called Londwyn. Whereever they're from, it must be a miserable place, 'cause there sure are alot of 'em that decided to come here.

Did you see the size of the codpiece that that blacksmith was making?!?  Big enough to fit an Ogre!

I saw the strangest thing the other night, a star that was dancing across the sky.

Ah wos workin up near the cross roads when some big old dog-men things came barrelin' outta the woods at me! Ah didn't stick around to find out why!

I hear that another patrol went missin' up north near the mountains. I've been hearin' whispers that Fallow's involved.

The other night I saw a coupla kobolds doing some kinda wierd little ritual not too far from my farm. When I checked on it the next mornin', it looked like all of em had been blasted by something to boot.


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