"Oi, that Magistrate's done got a whole mess o' folks killed goin' after some trinket, wot's with that?" --- "'Ey, that Corrado guy's done good by us, show 'im some respect you git!"

"I 'ear the Steward wot missed 'is own feast. Think he's on some kinda secret mission or some such?"

"Did ya hear? One of the guard patrols to the north went missin' a few days back, but no one's said mum about it..."

"What in hell are we gonna do?!  That darn Steward just don't care bout dreagamire no more..  them knights are missing and we aint got a lord!"

"The town is being over run b drow and liches!!! Everyone run for your life!"

"Sleafus? The captain!?  And I thought things couldn't get any worse..."

"That damn guard are a bunch of brutes!  Always pushing us around...  Whatever happened to the good old days with folks like those Wormwood brothers?"

"Oh, that's crazy talk, nobody likes Aliester."

"I understand running a land is hard work and all, but when is that strapping Sir VonRitter going to show his face in the proper again?"

"You know, the last time I drank something Bromius handed to me my legs became as hairy as his own."

"Last feast I caught sight of the Steward digging around in his nose at the table."

"Passin' by I sawr this thing covered in vines, a dryad feller, he turned around and I saw his grapes! Tell meh this wine of Dragon Claws isnt.. what I think it is..."

"Someone called for a gardner?"

"Who said my name? Do you hear that? Im not crazy, but there are people talking to me that I suppose only I can hear.. right? Stop looking at me."

"That satyr barmaid keeps saying something about making things look 'nice' for her in-laws..."

"I heard a voice on the wind, soft and sweet... like a mothers lullaby"

"Where did that Clothman go?! I'm missin my boots!'

"Did you see the goblin in the swimin' hole been carried around by that tall guy? Me thinks they got a little connetion"

"Evadne say's 'Dont rock the boat... I mean floaty thing' "

"We've all been run ragged and no one has seen half the knights in months! They know something, they know the worse is yet to come and they've left town! Well I ain't no genius, but I'm following their lead and I'm outta here!"

"I've seen the Satyrs even more on edge then usual lately. That barmaid keeps cleaning and her husband is even more of a drunk then usual."

"You all can go into the swimmin hole if ya like, but I know there are things that eat men and elves in those waters and I will be happy to stay dry on just as dangerous land. Least then I can see my enemies comin for me...most of the time."

"So where's the drow cookie monster now? Hide the cookies! I just made mine, they be tasty."

"I've been hearing weird things recently, and about playing cards none the less. Won't catch me near the poker game, no sir."


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Cleric: "Do you have the dagger?"

Thief: "No."

Cleric: "Let me rephrase that. Do you have the dagger?"

Thief: "Yes..."

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