"Have you heard?  Mother Quinn and the Seneshal are getting married!  I thought the Seneshal despised humans?"

"I hear Lord Pyre has been building himself a harem.  Why else would he always be surrounded with beatiful woman?  Protect your daughters!"

"Witch Hunter meeting?  Why don't they stop wasting times in meetings and take car eof this T'Bal fellow."

"I think that Cinder fellow is going to die like he lived...alone and weeping."

"Sir Renaudierre wasn't about last feast, and the mood seemed a lot lighter for it"

"I hear tell of vermin folk walking on two legs... Just no end to problems in this place, I suppose."

"Rumors are rumors.  I won't believe a word you say about Janus and Quinn until I see a rock on her finger!"

"Is anyone even listening to me?"

"So, in a time of horrible loss and great need for all the peasants and common folk, our supposed heroes and saviors are squabeling over PIE!  When i first moved here, i heard this was a land of wealth and prosparity, but now i see it for what it truly is; A land filled with idoits, thieves, vermin and death.  I'm moving back toTalenthal!, where me and my children will be safe.  Who's with me!?!"

"Woke up this mornin' to check on me pies.. someone ate the lot of 'em! What kind of world is this?! Get your own!"

"A ball? I wonder who is going to go? And.. wait a minute, Malyc is in charge?! Forget that, Im not that stupid! Count me out."Pies, they argue about pies?! Meanwhile women and children have been slaughtered, entire towns destroyed and they argue...about pie? No wonder why we're all gonna die..."

"They move so slowly when they're not afraid, but they should be, the owls are not what they seem."

"Some horned fella gave me two pieces of silver to hide under my porch for a day, said he had to disappear from the world...and mumbled something about a Don Herring or something....crazy satyr, didn't even have any pants on..."

"Look at all those animals outside, walkin' around- sniffin' things! What do you think they're doin'?.. Should we kill them anyway?"

"I were telling a joke to this man I met and he started to choke on 'is ale, poor fella jus' fell over and didn' move. Then BAM he jum'ed up and scared us all off our seats!"

"I thought I found a gold laying on the ground once, but it wasn't gold at all. Yep."

"I've seen him.. he is a fox man.. he calls himself Fayo... HE WAS EATING MY CHICKENS!
a man sold me a dead parrot.. why did i buy it you ask.. becouse he told me it was sleeping..."

"There was a man that came from the west.. he told me that he was looking for a key that is not a key.. yea i know .. he confused me too."

"See that statue?  Did it move?  Just stare at it... Don't look away, don't turn your back, and whatever you do, don't blink!"

"I bought me a plot off that gravedigger what travels with the Black Orchid. I thinks its a good investment in this town."

"There will be a large gathering of people, from all around the world, to play games of all types in the name of fun.  They will be meeting in  2 weeks at the east shire of Brunswick."


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