"Can you feel it? A great chaotic force is on its way to Travance."

"Victory has eluded us?  We're slothful?  He's the one that called the bloody crusade to begin with!"

"You know, I had a few words with that Hobgoblin lass, and she's not as bad as the clergy would have us believe..."

"The clergy say there's a hobgoblin girl trying to give our town up to New Gaaldron... attacks from within and without, How will we survive?"

"Its not quite victory when youre burying your family when the threat looms off in the distance."

"Not all o' us 'ave long legs to tra'el quick with! "

"Someone tried the ale Jonas sells and spat it out quicker then master swordsman. But this fellow over here knows his ale, drank it like a champ - 8 bottles!"

"I seent it i did.. wit me own eyes. they were people.. and they were sleep ... or dead in some type of wierd crystal..... or glass. im telln ya its true...... the beast of the north it must be returning... i dont want to die ... "

"Listen ALL of you.. it isnt over.. we have just angered them... we have not done it right they still live.. only now they grow in power.. they are gonna unleash it.. i heard them speak in my vision. they are angry now. please i implore you watch your family and your friends always know were they are... for the dark elves are returning....."

"Have you heard about these beduwines and there visions of crazyness its all hogwash, you know these people come from a place deprived of water, they just cant think straight... sit them all down in a a river or somthin for a few days... and make sure its cold that'll get'em straight thinkn haha."

"I seen one.. a wind sprite.. it spoke to me.. it told me to tell you somthin... but for the life of me i cant remember what... somthin about a dead city.. or a red city..maybe it was a city turning to red... i cant remember.. but it was one of those things i tell ya."

"Listen ... I know what you seek i have seen he who hid it.. the water king lives and he has shared his secrets with me."

"By the gods! Rat men? Like we didn't have enough in the shadows to worry about!" 

"I hear there's been a rash of attacks on caravans within Kormyre. Apparently the guilds are supporting Highwaymen now..."

"The Marshal stead and the Talbuk stead are abandoned now, we don't gots enough folks to tend em. That's what happens when so many families get killed I guess..."


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Brother Germaine: "I just thought you all should know that earlier tonight we killed T'bal."

*blank stares*

Arlington: "Huzzah?"

Brother Germaine: "You know, the enemy that has menaced us for over a year and murdered many of our friends? He's dead."

*a couple of nods*

Arlington: "I believe you can attribute our subdued response to the fact that we're eating bacon."

Brother Germaine: "You have bacon?"

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