"I have seen the answer in my dreams Ah Hina is his name and he will come when he is summoned. summon him."

"I told you! Look there he is wearing the favor of a lady! I bet he is in love!"
"Yes dear, just like you said about those satyr kids..."

"They say that the scaremortals grow stronger all the time they are left in the field. That is why the original field is still around... Too strong..."

"I tried to tell those refugees that it wasn't no goblin calling celebration. If anything it was a goblin shoo'n celebration."

"Those here Travancians are gonna bring trouble upon us, just you wait. They couldn't protect their own lands, how are they gonna protect ours?"

"...swarms I tell you, lil Saul is covered in bites. I told him not to go near them ruins..."

'Perhaps we should just leave the proper to Lord Fallow and his fields.'

"Did ya hear? That insane guy is alive again! Just it, in no time he'll be attacking towns members and calling them demons again."

"and of course, once things get really serious, the witch hunters are nowhere to be found..."

"Well, what else can we do? Pack your things, kids. Travance, Illenvard, these places just aren't safe anymore... we're off to Coast Haven"

"Beware the Chupacabra! I hear one has been spotted off the road between the dirty tooth inn and the twenty four hour quartermaster shop! Travel ONLY in groups!"

"The old baron might of been a bit crazy, but nothing this bad ever happened when he was in charge."

"Where have all the real hero's gone?"

"I hear from some o' them caravan guards that a whole groupa armsmen came through wit the royal colors! 'As the King decided to fix things 'imself?"

"Where 'ave all the witch hunters gone? Did Fallow get 'em all?"

"Ya know...maybe that T'bal guy wasn't so bad after all."

"Why's everybody so down? Ain't we done killed a couple of them sons of midnight already? Third times a charm!"

"If this is all from magical, sorcicality nonsense, why don't them sorcerers do something? They're always talking like 'I'm the god of time', and 'We control the fabric of existence' Why don't they use that there fabric and beat up Lord Fallow at his own game?"

"Did you hear about the three Blind Mice? I hears they went after the Farmer's wife and got their tails cut off. Word is they're on the run."

"Beware the Black Spirit!"

Brian Hahn is reported to have been seeing Jessica Biel behind Scarlet's back. Entertainment Weekly has covered the scandal splendily.