April 28, 1207

"Ah hear there's talk about these lands in Loez, maybe they gonna come and stake claim too...'hope they can get along with that there fallow fella!"

"Boy that Fallow sure is a nice guy,  just last night I heard he was going to help us build better homes and take away taxes!  I hope he stays for good."

"I've been hearing rumors of a coming attack.  Fallow knows where we are!  We don't stand a chance!"

"I can tell, all these heroes comin' to our town is no good.  They'll lead to our downfall as well!"

"I warned you all about this time after last feast that the heroes would be the death of us all... now look what it's come to!"

"From High Sun to Midnight, They Wait On The Battlefield..."

"The boy speaks of scaly, blue, monsters crawling out of the privy...where do you think he's getting ideas like that from?"


“I heard that Janus the Slayer of Demon's next feat will be to descend into the Abyss and declared it Travance's 5th land!  All Hail Janus!”

”My cousin said that the mage's are scared of something, that something powerful has returned.”

"Those folk from Lundwan look awful strange.  I don't trust any of them!"

"Damn those druids!  Jest the other day I coulda' sword summer was here and now it's snowin' like it’s the dead o' winter!"
 “The Dragon Claw Inn is no longer owned by Lady Tal.  Ya think she'll be mad when she finds out?”

”Finally, someone in Drega'Mire with the authority to get things done!”

”Footprints in the night, Stranger on the shore.”

”I was out for a walk, when I found this grove of the rarest of rare flowers.  When I went in, the plants started rustling, and I think one started to attack me, so I ran of course.  I'll show you where it is.....for a price.”

“Fo' some odd reason, I hear' this meowin' jus' before midnight.. Af'er a few nights, I'm able to sleep again in peace. Hasn't happen'd since a week pass'd.”

”Did you see those strange people lurking around our town?! What in the Gods name is going on?!”

“Before I went to bed last night I looked out my window and saw a torch light coming towards my house, but I was scared for my life when a beast made of fire stepped out of the tree line, setting blaze to all it touched.”

”Dear Gods, Fallow Knows...
These 'heroes' talk big, but I hear a number of them were brought low by only two of Fallow's servants... what have they brought upon us?”

 S”aw it with me own eyes i did, cursed witch *spits* saved a young mans life she did, but at what cost, when he rose up from the floor he was a young man no longer...  good gods of light save us all” 

“....we were lucky to have escaped before being devoured. We watched him walking down the path snarling and growling, hunching over...it was that elf with the shaggy hair the one in the white clothes. We could see the yellows of his eyes and heard his howl towards the full moon as we ran...”


“...if all goes to plan, I'm sure that we've struck a decisive blow against, if anything, his confidence...”

”...that old guy, scraggly grey hair and reeks of cheap rum? Ya, he's been goin' on about some "caravasse" or some such. Called himself Papi...”

”...heard that there is some hullaballoo in Coast Haven about "Fellini's Mid-summer Circus". Sounds like a real hoot!”




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