"Did you know that the speech the one Valosian made was about the Mages Guild.  There's gonna be trouble between them soon."

 “Did ya hear.  All the dark elves are leaving town.  We can finally sleep at night.”

"Where are all these kids coming from!?"

"Hooray!  All the dark elves are leaving!  We can finally live in peace again!"

"If all the dark elves really are leaving, what kind of evil are they running from?!"

"All this talk of Crusade makes a person a bit nervous I say. Next ting ya know they're huntin' every one of ya that is different ya see. First it merely be that Fallow fella, then it be Elves, then old yellars, womens, folks wit cross eyes and red heads. Der wont be any stop once a crusade gets going mark me words."

"The Baron done got promoted and is takin halv da nobility. whoz gonna keep dem Tellinghasts in check now eh? Sure it got rid of dem drow, but who's gonna keep us safe huh?"

"I heard the Lopez's were slaughtered a few weeks ago.  Rumor has it, the son went crazy, killed his sister, then killed his parents, then killed himself. what is this world comming to.  Can't the Gods of Light protect us in our times of need?"

“Vardimus Worthington is still wanted for crimes against the barony!?!?!  Why doesn't the gaurd arrest him!!!  What? what do you mean church protection?”

“Sir Cinder's gone, Ardis is gone, I'll get you a gold, there will be a festival in Kaladionia!”

“The King can't make up his mind about Lord Inverness. If he promotes him to be Baron of Travance again, he'll only play to the common man like he's done as a general for two years. The King surely doesn't want that kind of trouble. But then, if he denies Inverness the Barony, he has to worry about the fact that Inverness has the largest standing army in the Kingdom at his disposal. What's the King to do? Execute him for sedition, perhaps?”

“The rogue's guild is starting to pay more attention to Travance these days. They want things in control on this side of the rift.”

“This crusade is not going to end well, mark my words. Every time that Fallow fella starts trouble, people die, and now we're off to start trouble with him?”

“An expedition? Like that old expedition to Alok Malagan? You would have to be taken by madness to think going east is wise...”

“What are we supposed to do if the phokus is broken forever? If them gung ho heroes can't come back, who's supposed to protect our land?”

“I dont know whether to let out a sigh of relief or keep holding my breath. Then again, does it really matter?”

“The excitement of a drow free town is gettin' even me giddy!”

"I hear the inn was sold to someone from the otherside of the world for an unthinkable amount of money. Why would someone want the inn that bad? I mean the floorboards creak and theres a leaky roof for goodness sake!"

"Its hard to tell if the the old Baron was promoted or if the King was issuing him a death sentence. Sure he now holds two titles, both higher than his previous, but to send him to rule over a land of cold and ice and then tell him that soon after he has to go into the wilds of the east to expand the kingdom... It was my understanding that the east was deemed too dangerous and deadly to tame and thats why weve been stuck here for the last eight years... "  

"Something about the world seems darker since the night of the last feast... I cant put my finger on it..." 


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