"Rats??? Swarms of them I heard, a few as big as a dog crawling all over my crops for the winter. I got em though with my crossbow."

"Shelly says that her Dad', Brother's, Wife's, Sister's, Husband was attacked by a were creature."

"Heard the Baron is gonna get the guard to handle them creatures killing my livestock, not gonna help if they get all of my cows this deep into winter, esspecially with a new baby and all."

"I saw this odd fella frozen in me field, an' when I came near 'em and tapped his forehead- he shattered! Nearly lost my lunch.."

"You know, if ye had a heart, you'd spare some coin fo' food an' drink."

"My whole crop is gone!!  Burned to the ground!  I bet it's the work o' them fire mages!  They always like burning everything they see!  They should be outlawed!""These roguerin' folk are gettin' outta hand!  Why just yeste-  Hey, where'd ya go?  Wheres ma' coin pouch?!""This peasent was tellin' me 'bout all the news he been hearin' 'bout our work, so I stole his money an' vanished.  What a fool!"

"there are noises commin outa the the well near town. dont go to the well"

"My neighbor Gil and I were on the lake, trying to catch some fish through the ice. Suddenly a tentacle came up through the hole we made and snatched ol' Gil right under. Poor bastard."

"There seems to be some kind of upheaval with them mages.  Everyone better watch out, who knows what evils they about to cause."

"I dreamt last night of a dark robed figure whispering to me to commit horrible deeds. The last thing I remember before I awoke was it repeating in a shrill whisper: 'Before He comes, He will come.'"

"Looks like that Sir Rennaudier managed to beat some sense into that Warclaw fella after all. I guess violence is the answer sometimes..."

"The valosian clergy have been really good at keepn the spirit of valos in everyone, maybe even too much so.. Spirit, nay i say fear the fear of valos is what they preach. I always see em skulking around in da night who knows what they are actually doin killn evil nay i say tourchern good. its a trick i tell ya!! watch em."

"Wha a rush that was! Can you b'lieve someon would jus leave a pile o' jewels in tha middle of tha road! Wha luck"


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