"I don't trust that Magnaster fella at all!  He's gettin' all dem folks together to take over the town!! Mutiny I say!!"

"Ya hear Tyros has been reffering to the Dreaga'mire lands as Tyrosland as of late.  I bet he's in league with Magnus and his plot.."

 "Who taught that big greenskin to read and write? Now he's going around making trouble. There should be a law against that sort of thing."

"Snakes? Nah, that's womens work."

"You folks won't be satisfied until you go getting yourselves killed in one of them treasure caves. Aren't the normal problems we have to deal with enough? I don't see anyone helping me with my farm!"

"Wild mages poppin left and right! I remember a day when they had to be branded so you knew who you were dealin with! Nothin but demons, I say!"

"I heard bout some strangers talking to people in the towns nearest the rift I heard, says they is paying coin for information....but they give me the willies."

"Dam rats in the winters stores again, guess I am gonna have to get me crossbow and deal with um."

"Winter? Hard winter? Cold Winter? Tough Winter? Warring Winter? Seems like every kind of a winter but an easy one. "

"Did you hear? That Rayven-Nightwing fellow is ditching the cleregy!! Religion, smaligion I say."

"Passin' by this strange ol' buildin', full o' cracks the size o' me and bigger.. were tempt'd to look through one before I got chills up me spine! Somethin' aint right with that place. "

"Mum, whats that thin' made of cloth?"

“My daughter kept hearin’ bells a jinglin each each night.  I done told her t’was a yule elemental gonna leave her lumps o’ coal, but then she took me to the crawlspace behind her bed.  As sure as Andorra grows a smile, there was a bloody rusted knife in a dried pool on blood in dere’.  But what really gave me the willies was the small footprints on her pillow.  As if whatever was making the jinglin’ noises was watchin’ her sleep.  I tell ya, between that stink out by the barn and the eerie silence at night, you’d think that big creator that opened up near the pumpkin patch was a gate to hell itself.”

“I heard a fella ringin’ a bell in the frigid darkness of last nights frost.  He was methodic and slow.  After I went out to offer him some warm cider, he had a blank look in his eyes.  He gave me the creeps.  After I went back inside, I looked out from my window to see him talking to two figures that stood just beyond the outer rim of torchlight.  They was talking for a while.  Later the next mornin’, I was only able to find the bell.  And damned it be to Jones, it smelled terrible there.”

"Some winter this's been! No snow anywhere!!  I blame dem darn druids."

"Last moon those darn heroes of the town stole one o' dem lizerdfolk eggs and two huge ones chased em down back to the inn..  I saw an even bigger one take one o' da corpses away!  They tryin' ta get us all killed angerin' huge monsters like dat!"

"It's true!  Demons have day jobs just like us.  Why that Tick feller be employin a few of 'em to do his finances and whatnot.  Maybe they ain't so bad, just angry is all."

"I'll tell you why I don't hang out at the Dragonsclaw...Because every yokel and farmboy is in there spouting wild tales of mysteriously grim happenings in barns or in houses...or yammering about Whats-his-Face or Who-the-Hell! Just give me a quiet place to drink..."

"...we'll dance all night 'til the house falls down..."

"I hear that janus fellow brought those horrible lizard monsters down upon us.  I say we get a good old fashioned lynching going!"


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