"HOW COULD THEY?! Letting that Corsair walk around like nothin's wrong!  I'm gettin' outta town 'fore he kills us all!"

"It's lookin' like that Tbal fella's got us by the nards! I think It'd be a wise idea ta surrender.  These lords ain't doin' nothin' ta stop 'im anyways."

"The normally bustling harbor down at the Quail Straits is all but empty...hasn't been a ship pulling in for a little over  a week. Wonder whats keeping them?" 

"I swears this town is doomed! WE'RE ALL DOOMED! Corsair, Tbal, Markovia, and now all sorts'a evil paladins!? everthin' bad is just comin' our way! DOOMED I SAY!"

"They will all pay dearly... those fools should have listened to Arthur.  Now they will all pay DEARLY for his murder... they'll soon be sorry..."

"All the rum's gone! Simply vanished! Eight whole kegs right out of the Dragonclaw's cellar!"

"I told ya Will that the Drow couldn't be trusted.  Just as the situation here looks hopeless he changes sides."

"Can you imagine the nerve of that elf, hiding behind a small child like that just so Corsair wouldn't murder him."

"I couldn't believe my eyes! Did you read that letter in the inn?! You know when you start naming names that one of them is bound to show up again! Could we imagine what would happen if that Chaos Lord joined forces with Tbal and Cinder!"

"You know, those damn Satyrs other then the son have been absent lately. You know you can never trust those furry legged freaks, my money is on them being behind all dis here evil."

"There I found em, dead as rats, swinging from the beam in my barn. Four men, ugly, scarred, hangin' by their necks. As I was burying them out by the edge of the forest I noticed they all had a wolf's head brand on their left hand..."

"We lost the first night to travance, the lady of Drega'mire is on extended vacation, and the Baron is quite possibly insane. We're screwed if you ask me, I'm going to Coast haven and taking the first ship out of port."

"Didya hear?  There's a man here from some far off legendary something or another toting around lil special cystals.  They're nothing like I've ever seen!  Seems really useful, as long as he's not just come spy in disquise..."

"Now we's got warlocks in the Inn too?  Where's a Bellmont when you need one..."

"I tell you what, you didn't hear it from me but if even the Champion has sided with Tbal, you ain't gonna see me fighting if he takes over, nosiree.  Maybe if I cause no troubles he'll just leave me and my family in peace, maybe even keep this place a might safer  than the current nobles do." 

"Dont let Sir Renaudierre around your little ones!"

"I tell you, that Danny Bigbritches is as tall as a house and just as ugly too!"

"I woke up last night to my dog barking and yelping and when I went outside there was...something feasting on my dog's remains!  It was the most horrible thing I had ever seen!"

"Maybe this T'Bal fellow is right.  PPerhaps we can make Travance a better place by following him.  Who's with me?"



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