"Travance is makin' an alliance with Markovia now?!  I thought they was tryin' ta kill us all just a few years back?  what is that baron of ours thinking!"

"Sir Crestbreaker, a lord?!  And I thought things couldn't get any worse in Dreaga'mire. I bet he's gonna try and take over the barony soon... never can trust those nyads.  They always willin' to stab ya in the back."

"A guy can't walk a single step out at night anymore!  Last night I was jumped by rogues!  They stole everything from me including my clothes! Damn guys left me out in my skivies... a man can't get no dignity anymore..."

"My oh my you know that this is my third year in travance and the one thing that I could count on is my crops because it feels like all the nobility don’t care for our well being, but now my crops died over night I cant feed my family. I mean I think im gonna have to move. "

"Ya know last night I saw the strangest thing commin home from Gimbys gambalin house. There was a beautiful woman walkn into some highgrass and she was naked, I was happy. If she was to have turned around and like winked at me or somfin; well I do beleave I’d be a happier man today. "

" A Dark elf came into my neibors home last week and stole there children I hope they will be ok"

"My twins are possessed two days ago I put them to bed and a few hours later I heard something commin from there room, so I go and chek on dem and day are lebatatein drawn all types-a symboyls in da room. When they saw me they looked at me buy day eyes where all white den droped right out-a-de air and went back to normal. "

"The other night I woke up to the sound of a loud chirping kind of noise all around. I was too afraid to go look, but nothing every came into the house and after a while the noise stopped. I found out the next day, though, that my neighbors on either side of me were robbed and killed."

"I was at the Dragon's Claw last week and my friend almost started a fight with some fella went by the name Arlington. I got him outta there, because that fella looked like he meant business. I heard later that he's got something to do with the rogue's guild back on the other side of the rift, and he's been out this way for a few months, lookin' for somebody. I'm glad I ain't that somebody."

"for all his talk I've never once seen Bromius kick an ogre in the balls"

"First they try to kill us, now they want our help? I tell you Markovia is not to be trusted."

"I dreamt last night that a great wind blew over the town and turned everything to stone"

"It's getting close to the harvest time again, and for some reason with the harvest always come the undead. Makes me glad to have a few good witch hunters in town."

"I was stalking a deer when some kind of monster swooped down from the sky and carried it off. It was a beast that looked like some sort of half-man half eagle."

"I tell you, them blasted wild mages are no good at all.  All they need is a hiccup to set them off and BOOM, half a town would be gone!"

"That Sir Renardia allowed those goblins to stay in Pendarvin?  What's wrong with him?!  What makes him think we want those vermins near us?  Why not send them to Drega'mire with all the other rats?"

 "My cuz'n tells some high, or is that tall, tales.  Most recent is his talk of evil knights com'n ta kill us all.  Well when isn't something com'n go kill the lot of us.  Som'n dif'rent about em' this time though, he got real serious, like he wuzn't em'self at all.  Talked about a mummy, and a vampire, and a dead raiser, and the forest come to life, and a troll calling down some funny named god, and a lizard walking like a man,  and a man who'ad been in the ground too long, and some werewolf but not a werewolf more like a wereraven, and lastly one of them shadow movers.  He didn't say much about em' and when I mentioned it later he didn't seem'ta know what I was talk'n about.  Look'it me like I'm the koo koo one.   Show'em whose crazy when I eat his eyeballs tanight after a round with da misses. "


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