The peace treaty with New Gaaldron has been concluded, but no one seems happy with the outcome except for the hobgoblins. How can that be? We won, right?

The King is going to order the Royal Battalions disbanded! And with no peace dividend for Inverness' men - why didn't His Majesty get some money from New Gaaldron to pay them?

The demon that possessed the High Priest of New Gaaldron has possessed the King! Uh, don't repeat that one around, a man could get in trouble for saying such things...

Those bloody dark elves are going to be the end of us all... I'm not concerned for myself so much as I am for my daughters...

They looted a Mummy's Tomb!? We're all to be cursed! First Mog Thul, now this... that's it, I'd rather take my chances back home in Arkovnia than put my life at risk here...

I saw strange beady eyes in the shadows the other day... a creature of scales and feathers... I didn't stick around to find out what it was!

*Someone burned down that old house near the House of Lords. My own house almost caught fire as well, who would be so careless?!*

*I saw something moving in the darkness outside the Mage's Guild. What was it? I don't know, I didn't stay around to find out!*

I hear our Nobles slaughtered Darkenspires Nobles durring a meeting for peace ... we're they even thinking of us.

The Dwarves are ready to march on travance and have some new battle stragety of throw anvils at us.

a traveling merchant stopped to ask me directions, and right as he was leaving I heard one of the crates on his wagon sobbing, crying for help, clear as day. He threw me a pouch filled with 25 gold and said not to speak of it, but if I do that, i don't think i'd be able to sleep at night.

A strange comet has graced the sky every night all week. The farmers are getting nervous, but they've always been a superstitious lot

The Baron isnt that bad of a guy, not a month ago he helped my wife when she fell down in front of him, not a bad guy... God light be with the Baron!

That little dryad girl? Shes a murderer! I saw a man go for 'er dagger... and the fast little freak slit his throat. I think the druids know, and they are going to use her against us! SHES EVIL!

Thirty-five pies in one sitting! You'd wonder where Lassarus puts it all!

Travance has gone and angered the doppelgangers that live beneath our streets! Queen Doppel'populous has sworn to take the Barons head!

When an Ogre lopped my arm off, in the Battle of that One Path, that goblin "Doctor" Runt asked much I wanted for it! Worst thing is...he looked really hungry...

More and more gyspies and bedouins are coming into Travance, is something driving them here? If this is true, what if it follows them?! We have enough on our plate with Corsair, Drow, Hobgoblins, Werewolves and Pirates, we don't need some Sand Monster!

I'm tellin ya mate, these Tellinghast are up to no good. More and more come each day, and they're louder then gypsies, if that's even possible! This is an invasion the likes of which I've never seen!

You can hear whispers on the wind, very faint, he is returning with an army. Chaos will rule the land and he shall have his revenge, the time of reckoning is shortly at hand!

"I'm not sure 'bout that Sir Tuvsin, even since he brought me little girl back she has been acting strange...She keeps getting these odd marks, I wonder what he did to her."


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