"That were one strange lookin' ship docked there in Drega'Mire. Sails as black as midnight and not a crewman on deck or in the riggin's all day. Makes me wonder..."

"Winter's been light so far. Good for trade, but it also keeps the northern passes open between us and New Gaaldron."

"No one told me they let ogres wander freely around the Proper. I nearly wet myself. Monster offered me a cigar, can ya believe it?"

"Did you see em? I heard they were Belmonts, the whole lot of 'em. I wonder what they were doing marching through like that... Wait, what does a Belmont do anyway? Ne'er seen one of them before."

"You say skittish, I say professional... either way I think we can both agree his request was odd... point me in the direction of people who want to become brave heroes? Travance is the only place like that."

"Thank Valos for the brave new adventurers who have come to Travance. It's been months since I've seen a highwayman or fake toll collector!"

"Come to think of it... I haven't seen the O'Mally Family in almost a month. Someone should go up to their place and make sure everything's okay."

"I saw him talking to my wife yesterday and today she looked like she was sweating blood!"

"Oh boy am I in trouble.  I owe him half a gold!  Where am I gonna get that kind of money?"
"Them adventurers seem to stumble on heaps o' money, start doin that!"

"Where all dese undercuttin' tricksters comin' from? They've got the market flooded! All my furs are still sitting on my cart, I've gotta cut my price in half just ta get somebody to look at'em!"

“Saw this guy runnin’ through town t’other day, just as we was about to start services.  He was wearin’ Galladel’s symbol and looked kinda priestly, so I tried to tell ‘im where the church was.  He just kept runnin’ all frantic-like.  Gods, I hope the world isn’t about to end again.”

"Did you hear?  Little Jenny actually got to meet the arch-bishop!"

“The trees have been closing in on my house!  I put a stone on the edge of my fields, and the next day, it was a good few feet into the woods... but was still exactly where I left it! A hundred paces from my front door!”

“I woke up one morning to find a half-dozen arrows stuck in my front door.  They were clearly elven in nature... but they were covered in thick, black blood.  I guess I'm lucky that whomever it was hit their target, and I'm still here...”

"I had this terrible dream last night.  A great blackness ripped the moon in half and swallowed the sun.  There was this crypt and a huge tower and this dark crystal... what?  No, I haven’t been drinking Satyr’s Wine before bed again! ”

“Poor Hodges... went to feed his sheepdog in the morning, and found him dead.  Critter had been sucked dry, not a drop of blood left in him.  No bite marks, either... just a really nasty rash.  And here, I thought the cold snap killed all the fleas and ticks!”

"You're wantin' something to ease your wife's passing? Is that what I'm hearing? Well, the Bloody Stump's the best place to find either the goods or the men for such a job, my friend."

"I heard noises comin' from me barn. Unnatural noises. Cows need feedin', but I'm 'fraid to go out there!"

"Weathers certainly been odd, stirring bad things up I say"

"Traveling through weather like this is tough. Bet there are more than a few frozen folks out there on the paths"

"Did you hear?  Someone broke into Sam’s house.  The place was torn apart and there was blood everywhere, but there’s no sign of Sam or his family.”

"I heard from my cousin back in Alleander that the High Magistrate may be sending builders to Travance to begin construction on a courthouse. Right and proper place to see our grievances heard by all. About time, says I, because I've got a whole lot of grievances to be heard."


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