"Pal o' mine been saying that the roads seem clearer lately. Wonder where all them highwaymen are runnin' off to?"

"You hear? The King is sending over one of his personal knights to help the Count! What an honor!"

"Something heavy is brewing over in Korymire. Latest caravan that came over says that the soldiers have been getting ready for something"

"I asked me wife to put the cat out last night... I heard the door open, then slam shut real hard, and I haven't seen her since. I don't think it was the cat that left the claw marks on me front door..."

“I coulda sworn I seen a tree movin about in the forest the other day…. Swayin their branches all over… and they made this terrible noise… almost sounded like… talking?”

"Whatever happened to them rat-folk, what were lurking in the tunnels about Travance? I don't want all my grain stores to go feedin' a hostile army!"

"Darkness, Chaos, Destruction... why can't the gods of Light ever come to Travance? Wait, what do you MEAN 'Be careful what you ask for'...?"

"I ain't never seen such strife in the Church before. I's worried about the safety of our souls now."

“I heard that the price of gems is gonna go up. I’m taking all my coin and buying up any and every gem I can find. You’ll see, in a year I’ll be the richest man in Travance!”

"Somethin' 'orrible is comin' ta Travance. My left knee aches somethin' fierce when somethin' 'orrible shows up in Travance."

"I think Gaia fell asleep in autumn and forgot to change the seasons. It's been such a mild winter so far."

"I heard it from that merchant fellow, Vincent. He said he saw the Seneschal put the ring on her finger. Dame Mixolydia is going to marry him!"

"The Count's scholar, Stark has sure been meeting a lot with him these past few weeks. Must be some important Winterdark Business..."

"That wasn't any wolf, bear or beast I've ever seen... it was horrible, like the beast had become something sinister, it's eyes shown only death."

"Caught word of a merchant couple coming towards Travance. Wait, what do you mean they ain't a couple?"

“What’s goin on at the Rift Gate? Last three caravans to come through done gone missing…. I wonder where they went…."


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Drow general (after finding and healing Cinder): "Should we allow you to live?"

Cinder: "Yes, allow me to live."

Drow: "What will you do if we let you go?"

Cinder: "Well, now that I know all of your faces, I will hunt you down and kill every one of you."

Drow: "Alright men, kill him again."

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