"Ya hear? Kingdom is getting ready for war! Seems they keeping it a secret as to who they're fighting. Bet it's those damn goblins! Finally gonna wipe them off the face o' Arawyn!"
"You nut! If we was warrin' with the green skins, it'd be better known!"

"That volcano been rumblin' every once in a while.. since a couple weeks back it started?"

"There is something amiss Aegislyn, with the wolves of Kaladonia. I saw the tracks, they are being hunted, cruelly killed, by a larger species, it's corpse not even devoured. When a predator lays claim to a territory, it first makes an example of their competition. Listen... hear that howl? It is deeper, not the wolves of Kaladonia. We must be mindful."

"Mary, did you see that man trying to sell that painting? I swear, I heard a voice come from the painting.... must have been my old ears."

"A shiney! A shiney! Plort let you know something for a shiney! No shiney! Well then Plort not going to tell you about giant ice things in mountains! Plort not going to tell you about what they eat! What! No kill Plor..."

"There is nothing more pathetic than goblin beggars making up stories. I'm glad you killed that one Gilfard, giant ice things in mountains indeed, imagine if that filthy creature's rumors got spread around, there would be panic. Vile creatures, I can't believe they tolerate those greenskins here. I can't wait to head back to Chrimbrazen."

"Storms off the coast line....looks like bad weather comin'."

"Where have all the Satyrs gone? I need me some good wine!"

"Pigs are squealing again, howling in the night. Something foul is happening, Last time they acted like this was wicked ugly."

"So, I have this pet hedgehog you see, and it tells me things by the way it acts... only thing is, it's telling me winter is coming... isn't that silly... do you think Dr. Maxwell can fix my hedgehog? Oooh! Are you going to eat that honey biscuit? Cause if you're not, well... hey! Is that a distraction!"

"My friend Earnst heard from his cousin Farlo that HIS brother in-law Grunger heard a stranger in town say that the hobgoblin's farms had been raided last month. Which wouldn't be too strange except I didn't know hobgoblin's had farms... oh, and that it wasn't just sheep and cows that went missing, it was people too... well not people.. but you know, 'those' people... you know.. 'THOSE' people... no Perth, I'm not going to say it! Not when my nose tells me someone's smoking a cigar nearby...."

"I just came through the Rift Gate, I saw a whole load of soldiers on the far side, looked like an army! All wearin white, amor shinin! Didn't recognize their symbol though. I know its not a Kormyrian regiment, wonder who they be?"

"I haven't seen William in over two months? Do you know where he went?"

"For the life of me I can't figure out how to draw a seven-pointed star, let alone a nine-pointed star. Our master is a real jerk sometimes..."

"I hear the cooks are using goblin meat to save on food costs. I'm not surprised one bit!"

"Ok, so let me get this straight, Valos is the head of the gods, and Syrith was Valos' god, Enax was created by goblins, who in turn created the hobgoblins, Chronicler doesn't even have a name... and you say we are strange for respecting the spirits in the earth, the waters, and our ancestors!"
"Those gypsies and their stories. Sometimes I don't know when to believe them and when not to.... There's one standing behind me, isn't there..."

"Did ya hear that beautiful flute? I think I'm going to go investigate. Surely something so beautiful has to have someone magical behind it, right?"

"Angels. Demons. Drow. TALKING ANIMALS! That's it! I'm done with this town!"

"Strange music & singing around the water ways of Travance...not sure what's going on."

"Oh, Ezra, we should go to Travance, she said. It's the land of milk and honey. Land for everyone. Ha, she's right. Land for everyone, because everyone who comes here gets killed! Plenty of land for the new batch of idiots crossing the Rift."

"I dunno, Grif, cuz it was dark, I think it were a dire wolf. But it ripped my prize milker Bessie in half with a single swipe of its claw. And then it laughed. Wolves aren't supposed ta laugh, Grif."

"So, you know anything about these new trading opportunities in Travance? I hear there are some chances to make some serious coin."

"What happened to all those Belmonts?"

"What's with all these Merchants from Talenthal? Runnin me out of business, they are. Someone's gotta do somethin' abut this!"
"Fairy, Fairy, quite contrary, how do you kill a werewolf? With silvered bells, and silvered shells, and anything else made of silver to stabs it with...yes, stabs it! Stabs it lots!"

"Wif us comin' out of winter, why is da Barony still buyin' up as much food as it can get its hands on? Maybe they is preparin' for somefin' big!"

"I heard these dumb dwarves talkin' about some stupid goblin tellin' them that big ice giants were goin' ta come out of the mountains of Pendarvin and squish us all inta jelly and eat us. Dumb dwarves. It's too warm for ice giants. They'd melt before they reached the Proper."

"So, a new locksmith straight from Alieander? Said he was here to secure something really important."

" I swear I seen it! Two gobbo's scurryin' off t'wards Kaladonia draggin' a chest that musta' been four times the size o' both o' 'em together... Couldn't a made it that far, they was scrawny things!"


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