"It was the strangest thing, the man just asked for the directions to Travance and left me with a small bell as a thanks. I think he was one of them Gypsy-Folk but I've never seen them travel alone before..."

"Traveling merchants are becoming stranger and stranger... why just the other day a man came through looking to sell knowledge. I can't eat knowledge, why couldn't he have been the wheat merchant."

"Spring is here and soon it'll be time to plant... that's the good news. I am not looking forward to what creatures wake up however."


"Did you see that honor combat in the Inn last month? That soldier picking on the old man? Not much honor in that..."

"I heard that flute again Charlie. There's just something eerie about it."


“I thought Garrison Corven was dead….???”

"What were those things walking through the woods? They looked like goblins and orcs, but they didn't act like them..."


"I swear to you that stuff is cursed! It looked at me! Something ain't right with that!"
"Oh quit yer belly achin', it's just a hunk o' wood."

"Better keep this quiet, but a sailor friend of mine told me that about half a year ago, there was a riot over in that asylum in Lotra. Heard a jailor got himself dead and they still never found all the convicts that escaped. Sure hope they don't try and hide out over here."

"Somethings been stirring over in Alisandria. Some say Fallow's minions are planning to take out Lord Blackthorn!"


"The Celts are gathering in a Moot, hide your whiskey...somethings coming"

"Strange the fire in the hearth is burning a solid blue...just like Rob's hut next door"

"A Strange Wagon pulling its self was seen in the mists along the rift"

"Marry did you see some strange dressed people lurking around the roads? They asked me if I know a man by the name of Q- lu or some jumble of names I don't know..something about a map."


“Seems like that list of criminals on the Baronial notice board is lacking..   I think I sold some blades to a known murderer the other day, but I can’t be sure…..”


"Last night I awoke from a bad dream, to scratching and clacking right outside my window. When I looked to see what it was, the only thing I saw were the trees moving in the wind."

"And wouldn't you know it, right in the middle of my field. That old mangy hound of mine found a gold necklace! No idea how it could have gotten there..."

"This weather doesn't know what it wants to do, and it's putting a number on my seedlings. If this keeps up, I'll have naught but salted meat and little else come winter."


“I heard there’s a new power coming about in old Gaaldron… Lord and Lady Dwarfbasher formerly of Travance… Who are they and what did they do to gain the favor of the hobgoblin priests?”


“Simthalas is rumored to return this moon to clean up the act of the mages of Travance. I would be worried if I studied the arcane….”


“I saw some insane high elven mage on the road claiming he could turn anyone’s sword into…. SNAAAKKKESSS”


“A powerful mage is bringing the Phealn Stone to Travance, a powerful crystal that can bring back the dead without tearing their soul… I wonder what he wants in return?”


"The weather's getting nice now, time to count who survived the cold, and do what we can for the folks what didn't. I just hope we get to them before some of the nasty things out there do."

"I ran all the way from the crossroads, and what I saw, I don't even know what it was, but it weren't natural, like two things were...well...smashed together. All I know is those lights we've seen off in the distance at night has to have something to do with it."

"I've been hearing that there are some kind of bandits hitting caravans leaving Travance, when they're loaded down with all sorts of treasures. I hear there's a big reward being offered by one of the survivors to hunt them down."

"No one's seen Harken for a week now, and he's not the only one missing. I always tell people, don't travel alone, even during the day. You never know what's waiting to snatch you up out here."


“Has anyone seen Dr. Aldous Destructo lately? I never trusted him…. He’s probably up to no good…”

"I'm telling you that statue moved! No, I was looking at it the whole time, and I don't care what I'm getting paid, you can't make me go in there, I didn't sign on for this. If you want what's down there so badly, why don't you take your gold and hire someone from the Dragon's Claw?"


“Dougal Mcmutton has been missing…. You don’t think the Grumbleguts murdered him for his ore… do you??”

"So he just kept screaming about some magic bottle that would give him control over some slime or something, said he'd pay a fortune for it, once he conquered the hollow minions of desiccation, decimation, some wild thing or other. I'm going to steer clear of that place for a while now. You never know if it's just some nutter or the start of some wild terror."


“No one has discovered the Opal Downs yet…. But I know its out there somewhere, the Baron puts his political prisoner.”


“Something is out there... way out there in the woods. I saw a half eaten bear! Whatever it is, it's huge."

"I hear that some greenskins have been robbing some merchants on their way out of Travance after they sold their stuff... I tell you, you can't trust any of them!"


“I was in the old library the other day and I stumbled into a secret room with a passage… I could swear the tunnels lead everywhere in Arawyn.”


“I’m thinking there’s something wrong with that Lord Ardentfyre. He’s harboring a known anti-paladin that admits to murdering a Lady of Kormyre. I heard Ardentfyre’s brain is infected by devils….”

“I got a map to find the legendary Zolton’s Eye Piece! “


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