"I herd tale of piracy along the Qwell straits, I guess my turnips never made it to Kormyre. I wonder if I could get some people to help me get my crop across the rift?"

"Pssst!... Hey terry! Did you hear about those two ships that drifted into port the other day? All the bodies were either drained, or lifeless husks."
"What are you talking about?"
"I mean it's like they are living, but they have no mind, they just blindly follow orders."
"Sometimes I wish my wife would do that..."

"Hey, what are these glowing vials? What the...! Is that someone inside it!"

"I can't get the voices out of my head Percy... they keep telling me to do things..."

"There's some guy asking about the High Scholar and someone named Typhon. Wonder what he'd want with an unrelated pair like that?"

"Rumor has it there is some unrest in Amon'Zad. Someone went and raided one of their old Queens' tombs! Boy I hope that doesn't come to bite us in the ass!"
"What could that possibly do to us over here? We're on the other side of the continent!"

"Rob is it true that there is a new Director of your shipping coming? Are they hiring? I need work, plowing this field seems a waste of time... with war coming there only going to stomp my crops into the dirt after all."

"Has anyone else noticed that weird mist coming from that shack out in the woods? It's the one those heroes always seem to go into for hours on end, claiming something about a tower."
"My guess is that the 'mist' might just be what helps them believe that old shack is a tower."

"I heard talk of construction going on in the woods, I wonder what that is about?"

"Wasn't he a rather confused young man. Talking about attending a Market Faire to sell things with empty hands. What was he planning on selling with nothing more than a staff and the clothes on his back?"

"I swear I thought the book was junk too, no idea what those scribbles were, but must have been a lucky find or that fellow must have been a fool. To think, I've got 35 gold now! I'll never go hungry again!"

"Yeah, I thought there was something strange about that man as well... just the way it felt being around him was... wrong, but he seemed so nice and scholarly. It looked like he was heading East, I hope that his trip is favorable at least."

"War beast...?"


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