"I heard that big Library has been hiring all sorts of labor near Travance, looking to do some digging... at least it's giving people jobs and putting food on their table."

"I thought he was just a mad man but that feeling when I was near him... it was a terrifying feeling."

"I am heading to Travance soon! A lot of the Heroes are still in the area. Who knows, maybe they'll host some entertainment like games or a tournament!"

"Jacob, please help me. People in my village are dying, and they won't come back. You've brought people back before, can you help do it again?"

"Last week in Coast Haven, I overheard some guy talking about this new group. Something about circles and souls, and Galladel. I don't know much about religion, but it sure seems fishy to me."

"I heard there was a wedding in Travance last moon. Wasn't there one last year too? Wait I have an idea Charles! I'm going to become a wedding planner for Travance, so people can come to me and pay me to do the work that the grooms don't like doing!"

"I here Samuel that the Frock brothers are coming to town! If we can pull our silver together we might be able to afford a new spring coat"

"I herd tale that the famous explorer of the wilds Tiberius Hector St.Clair is crossing the rift! Interesting he is coming to Travance"

"Martha you see this note on the door? What does it say I can't read after all! Paddy Kelly is my name, making poteen is my game And I live away up there behind the hill I can make a drop that's pure and there's nothing it won't cure It surpasses any medicine or pill For it tastes as sweet as honey as it trickles down your throat It looks as clear and pure as morning dew It can make a fellow sing though he didn't have a note Won't you try a drop of Paddy Kelly's Brew It can cure your rheumatism, it can cure a wheezy chest. It can cure you of the gout and gallstones too It cures toothache, headache, backache, falling hair and all the rest Fallen arches, corns and bunions and the flu! So look for me and we shall make a deal or two "

"You know that mage that came to town a month or so ago? I heard she was arrested but never made it to jail... wonder where she went?"

"I swears it Joe! My entire field, freshly tilled, just up and walked away. Looked kind of like people made of dirt and rocks!"

"I were walkin' in the woods with me ol' pooch and I came across this strange little hut. Smoke was comin' out o' the chimney and then BOOM! That explosion scared me all the way to Galladell's arms and back. "

"I swear he turned to bones right in front of my eyes!"

"Fog seems to be rolling in early..."
"Huh? I been seein' it all over the place. It's already here!"


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