"I tell you, one moment Irwin was just talking to the guy, and the next, he was shouting about something. Then, out of nowhere, he screamed in pain and hit the floor. Damnedest thing - I didn't see anything strike him, and the only people at the tavern where a young man and women minding their business in the corner. They were gone before the guards came though..."

"Looks, I swears to you last night I saw lights floatin' around in the graveyard all by themselves, all willynilly-like! No, I ain't been drinkin'! I'm as sober as a judge!"

"Did you hear about those twins that caused all that havok in Loez, Ravenhurst, and Vorllorn? Word is that an envoy sent by their family is on the look out for them, offering some decent rewards for their capture."

"Her face was all cut up. Like someone carved a cross into her skin."

"I'm tellin' ya, other night my dog hears this weird hissin' sound round back a' the house... He runs off, barkin' an' howlin' 'is head off inta the hedge. Then all I see's is this flash, hear that dog a' mine yelpin' and come slinkin' back, tail twixts his legs an' every hair on his head stickin' up..."

"Ran inta this real strange fella at the pub last night. He kept blithering on somethin' about looking to pay people a real fancy sum of gold to help him find his pet, Pumpkin or some such. Probably some damn lost cat. But... He also kept askin' me to peel him a grape 'cause he was hungry... Couldn't tell if he was drunk or jus' crazy, but that gold looked real enough."

"I heard him plain as day Sir, he said that he had a list of all the healers in town, Sir. I have no idea his intentions but, judgein' by his smirk Sir I'd say it ain’t for tea. He said they proudly listed 'em selves publicly on the board outside the tavern, I'd have words with 'em Sir but he stepped to his own shadow and was gone. As for his companion of conversation, well Sir when I approached, he was already long since dead Sir."

"Why is the kingdom closing the borders again?! This isn't fair!"

"I was walking through the woods just the other day, and I found this animal carcass. It was all ripped to shreds and torn apart, and not a single scrap of skin or fur to be found on it. Gave me the collywobbles, it did, so I hied myself out of there fast as my legs would take me."

"The missus found out our boy got his hands on some sorta dirty pamphlet. When she asked where he got it, he muttered something like 'Rocco.' If I catch this guy, I don't know if I want to thrash him or see what else he's got."

"They're mutilating each other! Some one help! Please!!"

"Marry you see this note on the door? What does it say I can't read after all! Paddy Kelly is my name, making poteen is my game And I live away up there behind the hill I can make a drop that's pure and there's nothing it won't cure It surpasses any medicine or pill For it tastes as sweet as honey as it trickles down your throat It looks as clear and pure as morning dew It can make a fellow sing though he didn't have a note Won't you try a drop of Paddy Kelly's Brew It can cure your rheumatism, it can cure a wheezy chest. It can cure you of the gout and gallstones too It cures toothache, headache, backache, falling hair and all the rest Fallen arches, corns and bunions and the flu! So look for me and we shall make a deal or two "

"I heard the baron ain’t sick at all, I heard he died, I heard it's that Apollo fellow took his skin and is waiting for the right moment to rise again!"

"Oh it was the most delicious cheesecake I'd ever tasted, brownies fit for a king, and cream puffs as light as air. That Rudolf has his work cut out for him. What? No I didn't save any!"

"Met this guy at the Dragon's Claw the other day. He calls himself "husk". Had an interesting tattoo... Odd little fellow. Could certainly hold his ale though. He drank 6 bottles of the Inn's finest!"

"I told them not to screw around in the woods at night. Ya screw around out there and you'll end up hurt or dead. Haven't seen 'em in two weeks now."

" I was walking down by the lake one day and I saw what looked like a waterfall hanging in the air. After a minute of looking at it, some little being made by water pushed through it and ran off. I think I need to lay off the drink!"

"The most delicious eggs I ever tasted! I swear they looked like chicken eggs though."

"They say a mad alchemist has been "fixing" the hillfolk of Pendarvin. Crazy business I tell ya'"

"That tower to the west frightens me... It's always storming there."

"I tried to stop him. Hit him with a shovel. He got back up and threw up blood all over me. I'm terri... terrified.. to think....."
"Hey are you ok...? Oh gods no! Put the knife down! Ple-"


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