"This weather isn't a good sign. My knee joints are swelling up, a bad omen. Bad times ahead, I say."

"All these closed roads are doing a number on my business. Can't seem to get anywhere nowadays."

"Saw this strange fella pokin' about town lately in this real fancy coat. Kept callin' himself the Great somethin' or other an' that he was looking to hire people to help him find some cat of his... Figures, there's war brewin' an' this guy is looking for his pet? But... I did hear a nice clink o' coin on him, but when I offered he waved me off, said I'm not up ta it..."

"Went out fishing the other day to try and stockpile up on rations but went the whole day without even a nibble... Kept seeing these flashes under the water, looked like copper but it kept darting away. I tried to reach it with my oar, figured it had to be worth at least a few bits... I thought about jumping in to get it but just as I went to dive in a half-eaten body floats to the surface. I got myself RIGHT the hell out o' there..."

"Found a couple mountain lion carcasses up in the hills yesterday. Skinned clean, not a patch of fur on 'em, but all the meat was still on it and not even flies were goin' near it. I tell ya, mate, there's summat mighty peculiar goin' on around here."

"Heard tell of some big game hunter coming into town, looking for more challenging prey. With all the weird things this town's got, he must be happy as a clam."

"These damn greenskins are here because the gods are angry with us! Valos is looking down and he sees your wicked ways! Repent, and give yourself to Valos, and you shall weather this greenskinned storm!"

"What's with the sudden decrease in Barbarians and Dwarves working in Pendarvin?"
"I heard an Alchemist recruited a few of them for an experiment... Funny, I don't recall them returning..."

"So Elias, it looks like they finally got that Soul Harvester. Too bad they couldn't find a way to convert him to work for the Light Gods."

"Is it just me Arthur, or did I witness a Valosian calling upon this guy Syrith to grant him prayers. Who is he anyway?"

"Greenskins coming! I'm done! I'm out of here! The last time a greenskin army came to town, Travance sacrificed people to make them go away. I'm not being a sacrifice for this town anymore!"

"The Captain of the Guard has been missing for two months... Said something about killing a forest before he left. I think he's gone crazy."

"Why don't we just take the war to them?! Those greenskins have been a problem for us decent folk for far too long! Let's just wipe em out and forget they happened! The world will be a better place for it!"

"Where is Lord Inverness to save us?!"

"I betcha that scoundrel, Varek, is probably telling New Gaaldron our secrets! Should have locked him up for good when he was working for them last time!"

"Yeah, I talked to her also but with the War at our doorstep, I'm starting to worry about that girl... what was her name? Marie?"

"The whole unit, executed for treason! I heard they just wanted to go home..."

"Construction in Drega'mire? Well, that's all well and good for them... I just hope they don't go stirring up the wildlife!"

"Want more willing soldiers? They should put a bounty on the Greenskin heads! a Gold for every scalp, that'll get the countyside fighting!"

"Craziness in the Wytchwood, Plagues from the north, War against the Greenskins, Crazy elemental portals and some such nonsense! Coast Haven ain't looking too bad these days!"

"I'm telling ya, I saw his ghost! Ol' Klarington himself has come back from the dead to defend his lands!"

"Honor's Peak has been rumbling again... Either someone threw more artifacts into it, or it's getting hungry for more."

"Bets on how many greenskins Brogan's going to kill? I hear he's still got a grudge from past invasions..."

"YOU try to lock up the local Goblins! I don't want to be shived by the Sharpthornes, and the other one was trained by that crazy fire witch!"

"I heard that some of the goblins living in the proper might jump ship over to the other side, and you know, some of them might have reason to. It's not like they have it easy here, with so many people hating them and all."

"Something weird is going on around here with the critters. They're getting even meaner than usual, and that's saying something, I wonder what's doing it."

"War this, war that. You live here long enough, you just learn when to keep your head down and your doors locked. The real threat is dealing with the vultures that want to pick off the merchants and the farmers while all of our forces gather to deal with the larger threat."

"You know, I bet the bloodsuckers in Alok Malagan made a deal with those greenskins to try and take the pressure off. It all comes back to those damn zealots stirring up trouble when there were other problems on our doorstep! Why not go after Fallow? He's been causing trouble and he's probably more dangerous, I don't remember the vampires ever forcing the baron to abandon the Proper."

"It will be harvest time soon, remember all those problems we had last year? I wonder if the greenskins will even let us get raided by hungry savages, or if they'll take what they need to eat and burn the rest."

"I swear, it wasn't just the greenskins marching. I'm telling you there were humans and other sorts all mixed in too. What's this world coming to when Kormyrians ain't fighting for Kormyre anymore?"

"Animals, lots of caged animals, all being wheeled on wagons or lead by leashes. Boar, oxen, stacks of chicken crates...Must be pack animals and food reserves for the troops, most like."

"Gosh darnit, them slinkers been around my home lookin' for something. I don't know what but they seem to be headin' o'er to that there waterin' hole."

"Did you see that ice ball fly through the heavens themselves and crash down near that small lake. I hear that the lake froze over, in this heat. Creatures seem drawn to it"


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