"You think we got rid of all those greenskins? Well, don't think that they didn't plant some spies among us. Next shiny goblin you think you can bribe off with a piece of polished glass might just give you a dagger wet with poison in return."

"My boy swore off that dark stuff Pete, he doesn't want any part of it, but still he gets these voices in his head telling him things, telling him to go someplace, some kind of a dark meetin'. He wakes up with a sweat askin' for some Archer to save him... I know he should see a doctor or someone, but I don't want them burnin' him Pete, he's been through too much as it is."

"I swear Sally! I saw a kobold the other day. He was walking funny like they do, and I brought my boys in the house... he just looked at me, snarled and in that gravelly voice they have told me 'Leave your home fool, don't hide in it. When King Naves calls, wise ones run.'". That's what he said Sally, now who in the abyss is King Naves? I thought the King's name is Leoric... oh yes, Aleric... well it's not likely he's coming here, so what if I get them mixed up! Either way, I don't remember any Naves being king."

"I am NOT going hunting up on that mountain. Eight men killed by something, eaten. I swear there is some kind of devil up on that mountain. If the deer need a hunting, well they can just come to me, because I am NOT going to them!"

"I keep seeing the gypsy’s heading anywhere but here. They keep saying that the stars and spirits are saying worse things are coming. I don't know where they're going, but they might have the right idea!"

"I wonder what happened to the goblin baby down at the orphanage? I know tensions are high with the green skins but he was just a baby!"

"Hey Billy-bob! I hear that the Church o' Light's gone all soft-like. They even put that lovey dovie Andorran in charge. What is he going to do? Love him to death? Ha!"

This strange old bard, performed a strange song for me. He called it The Ballad of Sakatha, it sounded something like this,"Sakatha once was the Great Lizard...."

Hey Xilbar Proudfoot I was mindin' my own business sitting outside my home, when out of nowhere a ball of dirt came crashing out of the sky. At first I thought Ogres were coming to gobble us up, but then the ground began shaking and a small mountain emerged from crash site.

"I tell ye Kade, I went to sleep after a long day of getting the land sowed. Woke up early ta get a fresh start and the corn was already grown! Don't know what happened and it tastes kind of funny, but at this rate I'll be able ta get three new cows come harvest!"

"I swear she had the most beautiful face I'd ever seen, but the body of a lion or something. No I ain't been drinking Satyr's wine! She started to say somethin' to me about riddles and that's when I got right the hell outta there."

"He just kept staring into the mirror and laughing. That boy ain't right in the head nowadays. I wonder what spoked him so bad?"

"So I went to help a druid and a ranger hunt down some wolves they said were posing a danger to farmers. We found the wolves, alright, but when we took them down, they pulled out knives and began skinning the wolves while they were still twitching! Made me sick to my stomach it did."

"N-no, please, spare me. I have children to fee-...."

"How many wars are we fighting now? Too many for my liking. I'm thinking of hightailing it out of Kormyre before they start conscripting regular folk to die for their stupid squabbles."

"Ah heered they dun lynched a boy up yonder way. Not 'zactly sure what he dun did, but they was a-hootin' an' a-hollerin' sumthin' fierce."

"You know the ultimate measure of man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. We shall see what this moon brings"

"They did not even try to save my son from this affliction, they cut him down! I say we let them know just how it feels"

"What are we at war with everyone now?" "What are we poor to do?....The trouble with the world is that the stupid are so confident while the intelligent are full of doubt it would seem"

"What was that thing!? Felt like my brain was being crushed! I don't want to ever go near there again!"

"WHAT IN VALOS NAME IS WRONG WITH YOU!? You better not let anyone find out you made that deal! HIDE YOUR FACE 'FORE ANYONE THINKS YOU'RE A DEMON!"

Year after year its always the same, some people warm up to some ugly green-back then them Galdaron hogs come and scoop up his "clan" and then their all like "help me save my people!" and then some perfectly good humans get hurt. Lets just clean up good this time!

"whats worse; a wild mage with a cold or, a goblin?"
"who gives a damn we could build a fire big enough for both!

"I just joined the Pendarvin militia."
"aint you too young!"
"Nah' Sir Ralinfolly says 'IF YOU CAN HOLD A SWORD GET IN THE FIGHT!' and I aim to!"

"That crazy long-haired zookeeper was pokin' around the Dragon's Claw again. Set himself up at a table an' was talkin' to folks trying to hire on people for some big game huntin'... Well, me an' my boys stepped up but he took one look at us and told us we were nowhere near tough enough for this outing and waved us off... The nerve o' some people."

"Been a lot of them necromancer types stalking about the Proper lately... Guess all them dead greenskins littered everywhere have given 'em plenty to work with..."

"I tell you what, it's a hell of a lot easier to get your hands on a decent sword with the war going on. Them smiths have been busy. Take a look at this beauty... Wait... What? What do you mean it's a knight's sword? Don't be callin' me a thief! I bought it with my own honest gold I did!"

"I overheard him explaining to the guard...he said the people were slaughtered, blood smeared everywhere. Couldn't have been an animal attack, no bites, nothing eaten - and the doors and windows were locked from the inside..."

"Why did you run off like that? You know there are goblin raiders about son - you can't just go wandering off into the woods to get lost. And don't you start whining about some stupid blue lights leading you away again neither. I'm sick of it."

"I found this crystal in the woods Auntie Lara, It's so pretty!"

"I hear there's some demons in them woods... Let's make sure we are inside before the sun sets."

"The graves in the graveyard were defiled again. I heard there were some skeletons and things rising from them. I heard two of them even mauled a cow...."

"I swear to you, I heard it. Some eery melody on the wind. I felt pulled to it, this slow, thrumming sound. I would have walked outside and straight into the woods if my sweet Lucy hadn't snapped me out of it. Slapped me hard, she did, but I'm glad of it, let me tell you!"

"The other day was fishing o'er on the lake, and something just over the bend splashed into the water. I thought nothing of it until I pulled up my lure. There was a face in the water, I swear to ya! I was so scared I flew up and almost tipped me'self. When I looked back, it was gone!"

"So with the worst of the war over, you'd think the little problems would give us a break by now, wouldn't you? Hah! Not in Travance, no sir. It's like someone declared open season on all us common folk, and everyone's invited."

"So many dead, so many badly wounded, but we didn't come out here because it was easy, we came out here because it pays well. If only our guards didn't leave once they got word of tremendous amounts of gold from other places."

"Some salty Coasty came by talking a great bit about getting his crew back together. I bet he'll show up at the bloody stump sooner than later."

"Oh god, I saw some walking dog men again. I've heard stories about them taking people up off the trails and eating them! I ran as fast as I could, but if they can catch those high and mighty types from the proper, what chance do we have?"

"Greenskin this, Greenskin that! Do we get this bent out of shape when the Drow attack? I bet if one of the gobbos became a paladin, people would shut their traps and focus on the real threats, instead of some poor green git too sad to hold a weapon right or stand up for themselves."

"Something feels wrong lately, I'm not sure what, but in my life I've never seen a bug fly into a spider web and seen smoke coming off of the web, at least not while sober."


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