"Ever notice that blood stain on the couch in the Dragon's Claw Inn? No amount of cleaning will get it out, they say. Been there for years..." "Isn't that a new couch?" "Yes - and the stain is still there from the old one."

"Still at war? Is this another deceleration of Martial Law?"

"So I heard a party of adventurers went into the swamps, but only one came back runnin scared."

"Where's my map you no good thieves"

"Can you believe that the Summer is almost over? I hope that this war won't spoil the harvest, too many young men off to fight and few left to bring in the crop. "

"He helped the nice lady, and then the next morning, him and his whole family was dead. Dunno wut the healer saw when she went in da house, but when she came out, she told the Guard ta burn it to da ground."

"Did you hear the horns in the forest last night? Sounded like someone was fox hunting."

"Ate him whole, Smlin' Jack did. I told Cletus ta not touch the coin. Just like the nursery rhyme says."

"I don't know what to make of it...I told Clara not to follow those little dancing lights - evil things I told her! But when she came back, she was with an ol' injured man! Said he got lost in the woods he did. He's just fine now, but might not have made it if Clara hadn't gone out lookin'!"

"Oy did ye see the ball o' fire crash somewhere near honor's peak, it bigger then our lord could produce. Heard the volcano has become active for some reason."

"Smoke and heat poured into our village it did, when we were evacuating our village I swears I saw hissing figures coming toward us. "

"Strangest thing... she just asked a few things about Demon Knights or something, when I didn't know what she was talking about she just kind of shrugged and walked off... really, who would Knight a Demon?"

"What? No... I have no idea who that is! A Quinarian? Purple? Listen, I don't want any trouble."

"Asking weird questions? Yeah.... a few days ago. She's dangerous? Well I'm glad she's gone then!"

"Paddy Kelly is my name, making poteen is my game ! I am back and with even more grand elixirs of vitality!"

"Marcus I herd the Black Crows gang is controlling the heroes of Travance! We can't trust no one keep a sharp eye out."

"I saw this nailed to a tree mommy...whats it say? " I Dedrix Keth shall exact my justice on you the living of Travance"....good thing we are moving grab your bags son, lets go. "

"I hear they're sending a guy over from Vorlorn to talk about the Witchwood problem we been having. It's about time they send some people who know what they're doin!"

"All these folk moaning about the end of summer. Isay they should be more worried about the autumn! The things that go bump in the night go crazy this time of year!"

"Know that old barn up yonder way? I think sommat's been livin' in it now. I heard some queer noises and the smell of the place is enough to choke a pig!"

"The Church of the Light needs to step it up, I tell you! Thought with the new Arch-Bishop running the show and the supposed changes they're making, they'd be helping this town more. but no! All they do is sit around all day, smoking hookah and gossiping like fishwives, and only bestir themselves when something involving a dark god shows up! No, I will not drink my ale and just be quiet! What's the Church going to do, send brogan after me and burn me as a heretic?"

"So I hear last month a Cyclops attacked Ostcliff, and Lord Na looked it in it's one eye, told it to sit down, roll over, and play dead. And it did. I don't want to cross that man, no sir..."

"So two months ago, the Town Guard locked an alchemist in jail that was torturing people from Pendarvin. He escaped from that wild mage fellow three times before finally getting locked up. What I don't understand is why did they just throw him in jail if he's going to break out again anyway? Heck, why do they even HAVE a jail anymore? Why not just execute people for crimes from now on. All they need to do is impose another Martial Law and the Town Guard can start beheading people for treason!"

"Ran inta that long-haired zookeeper again while down at the docks fishin'. Says he was pokin' around some outlyin' towns lately looking to hire help for his little outings. I tried sendin' him this way but he seemed a bit put out about some crazy swordslingin' wench what tried to kill his pets..."

"Is anyone else worried about all them folks carryin' around them giant freakin' stingers? Anyone at all? Seems like some kinda cult to me..."

"I heard Stonebridge got attacked by a pack o' ghouls the other night...."
"Yeah, I heard that too. My wife's naggin' sister lives there. Sent us a letter sayin' some o' their boys were dragging that necromancer's arse all the way here for execution."

"Well Zab, those New Gaaldron types aren't likely to just stay away cause they lost one little battle! They'll come back, and the Kormyrian Soldiers too! All armies are to us is a giant hunger on the move. You mark my words, they'll come by a 'requisitioning' and there will go all our food, and I wouldn't be surprised if they took more than that. At least if it's the Kormyrians, we'll be left alive, those greenskins have no use for us but boot leather I hear. I'm going to pickle everything I have and bury it in my barn, this way when food goes scarce, I can dig up a jar a day... I'd suggest you do it too, before the soldiers come a 'requisitioning'!"

"Hey Matt, I heard a rumor that Queen Charlotte from Londwyn has sent a force towards Travance.... I wonder if it has to do with that Horn of Zalitroxis that was supposedly guarded by a Lich named Elbin and a fourth rank demon named Balthazar? Yeah, why do you think they came here in the first place? They've been trying to get that horn for over five years now! No I'm not making this up... doesn't everyone know about this? Ellie, back me up on this, will ya?"

"Yeah, last month some guy said that one of the greenskins was becoming a paladin, and the drow were going to attack us! I don't know about you, but I'm scared!"

"I am tired of hearing this 'lets make nice to our enemies' garbage! Kill them, kill them all, and they can't stab you in the back later... it's just simple logic."

"Lazy Bear Ale? Sign me up! Some of the finest I've ever had, now that harvests here, should have a fresh batch coming in!"

"She looked like a right princess in that dress. Said she was searching for her Prince charming. Fairy tale bullox if you ask me. But something didn't feel quite right."

"He disappeared three nights ago. Came back all covered'n stitches and babbling like a mad man. Somethin' is out there in the dark. An I dun like it."

"What ever came of those Valarians that were found wandering through the proper two months back. I heard they were let go under the authority of the church. That was a mistake!"

"Some sort of tablet was being moved through the area not too long ago. I saw it disappear into the church in the proper and haven't seen it since. What was that all about?!"


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