"Yeah, I saw that girl... crazy? Evil? No wonder she was asking about them Demon Knights last time she was here."

"No sir, I ain't going out that way. Dragon's Claw Inn must be cursed, everytime I walk by that door, something just don't feel right."

"I have no idea what happened! She said she found this pretty orb and next thing I knew the whole place caught on fire!"

"Watch yourself, there be strange poltergeists or ghosts ‘bout with huge glowin’ claws… Must be lots of Kitians diein’ 'round here these days too ‘cause even dem ghosts have dose funny cloths on."

"With so many dead after the recent war Henry we should get into the grave digging operation...yes?"

"Reports from Alieander seem to suggest some kind of unrest between those elite witch hunter houses - Which ones? I don't know, the ones that hunt the warlocks and the ones the hunt the wolves, I think."

"So I know what a Belmont is, but what is a Laurent-Belmont? And who in the gods names is a Castielle?"

"I hear tell girls have been disappearing from the farms around the proper. Not many mind you, but enough to make me think twice about letting my daughters leave the house alone..."

"Why was that old man askin' about where the Battle of Weycomb has taken place. Doesn't he know the location was lost to time."

"Say, did you hear about Stonebridge?"
"Yeah, that lil' town jus' outside'a Pendarvin? Didn't they haul some necromancer through here last month?"
"They did... Place got overrun last week."
"I knew they shouldn't 'ave pardoned that bastard look what he went an--"
"Naw, nothin' like that... Damn orcs up an' moved in with him gone..."

"Heard a lot of chanting coming from that old ruin up on the hill... What? No I don't know what they were sayin'... I didn't want to get close enough to find out."

"There was some folks came wandering by t'day. Said they set up a refugee camp for people who's homes got burned down during the fighting, looking for money to buy food so they came feed 'em. Right noble of those souls I say, more than the nobles are doin' seems like."

“How do Lizardmen not freeze in the winter? They eat little children that ask too many questions instead of doing their chores!”

"I had this nightmare the other day about a man covered head to toe in blood. Couldn't tell you why, but I kept hearing voices of folks who passed years ago. I haven't slept well since."

"That scarecrow's head follows me every time I pass it. It's uncanny..."

"Have you heard about Vorlorn? That creepy forest is apparently so dangerous right now, they're evacuating everyone from the nearby towns."

"The word of Valos is hardly heard in Travance anymore. I heard the church hired a gang of bandits, and they’ve been ‘working in the name of the gods’ for a while now. Didn’t they just shake down a bunch of Enaxians the other day?”

"What's a true warlock? Is that a mage that tells the truth?"

“Once, just once, I’d like to hit those bastards before they come for us. I’m tired of hearing that we’ve lost another farm or some merchant got attacked on their way into the proper. We’ve got trackers, scouts, and eyes of our own. Who’s with me?”

"The wind was howling through the tress, almost sounded like a voice. I ain't going anywhere near that forest."

"Funny guy came up to me the other day with a golden circle on his forehead. Thought he was one of them Galladell Priests...... said something about an Order and a Temple. It's reasons like this that I'm going back to Loez.

"More Dark Elves? Don't we have enough already? And with titles no less. You'd think the King was allying with them or something."

"I saw a kid wandering around collecting money the other day, asking for donation for the church."
"What's wrong with that?"
"He was taking them in a skull with a hole in it..."

"It's getting cold out. I think we need to go slaughter a werewolf or something for a nice blanket."
"Why a werewolf though? Aren't they dangerous?"
"Yeah, but don't you want something that NOBODY else has?"

"One more year!? WHAT!? I better start saving to pack up before HE comes back!"

"Yea I was digging around there. But all I found was half a broken shield with. Didn't look worth much."
"Ya know there's some elf running around with half a shield. You could have sold it to him! Ha!"

"This time o' year, we light bonfires, celebrate, and pray to keep the spirits of the dead from returning to haunt us. Does it work? Well, Jonesy down the way didn't do it last year, woke up with huge claw marks on his door. Thought nothing of it, then next morning woke up with gashes all over his face and chest. He started back up again mighty quick, I can tell you."

"I was on patrol by the baronial library the other night, and I swear I saw this old sage tearing through books, when I entered the place, he was gone. Hell of a thing though I saw a few books opened. Ancient Kormyrian Legends, Ancient Kormyrian Battles, And a book on Geography."

"I know them undead seem to be about this time o' year but Lizard men whose is also undead, I never knew could exist"


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