"I swear, it was just following me! Every time I turned around, there would be this little child wearing a mask! It would cock its head and point at me, but as soon as I blinked, it disappeared!"

"He was CHEWING on her! I think she was still alive, too! When he saw me, he charged me. I spitted him with my dagger, but he still tried to take a bite out of me!"

"I mean, really, it doesn't seem so bad when you stop to think about it. Find release and worship through causing pain? I know people who would pay to be on the receiving end of that! Maybe this Aguara gig isn't such a bad deal after all."

"You know, for once I think we'll have a harvest that can last all winter without us having to beg the Kingdom for extra grain. Or at least we would if there weren't two wars going on bleeding us dry!"

"Why is it that around this time, things come out of the wood intent on eating everyone and everything in the Proper?"

"Yes, I know that is coming. It comes every year. You don't need to announce it like it is some sort of grand shock that things get cold and rain turns into snow. If the weather bothers you, move to Coast Haven!"

"I'm tellin' you, Jakob, it was a statue, walkin' around!"

"What happens to things made of fire when the cold comes? Do they eat us for our heat, or would that only be undead fire things? Wait, now I'm confused."

"We was just gettin' nice pretty gems from the mines in Pendarvin. Now that giant cow beast is runnin' around, I wonder how that'll affect production."

"He looked in mighty bad shape. Almost like his face was cracking. Kinda scary stuff."

"They ate him alive! Yes the shadows! He walked out of the light and all I heard were screams!"

"You still have that thing? Throw it out! What are you honestly going to do with a broken bottom of a shield?"

"I hear that howlin' in the woods at night again. It's a deeper howl than any of those little grey wolves we've been huntin' Terrence..."

"So this one time in Coast Haven..."
"STOP IT! No more bloody Coast haven Stories! Your last one made me vomit!"

"His arms were ripped right off his body Dad! I'm not making this up!"

"Yeah, right outside the window I saw it... some kind of weird light, looked human-sized. Alot of them too, heading right towards Travance."

"I don't understand it either, that poor guy just seemed off his rocker... all he kept saying was, "Is hatred really my purpose? Is this what life is?" Come to think of it, he might have been drunk... seemed to be carrying a bottle on him that he just wouldn't let go of."

"Yeah, I just came back across the Rift with my latest shipment of textiles. Full of strangers as always, but three were more solemn and aloof than most - a girl, a woman, and this angry-looking man with some strange scars all over his face. From the way the driver spoke to them, I think they must have been wealthy, important, or perhaps a bit of both. I hope they don't mean trouble..."


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