"Lost my job down at the docks. Bloody quartermaster kept blaming me for shipments turnin' up missing..."

"I'm telling you, I saw it in the water just as we were coming in to port. Scales... Horns... Damn thing rammed right into the side of the ship and ran us to ground. If we weren't so close to port we'd have sunk for sure... I thought we was too close to land to be dealing with sea serpents... Yes I want another drink."

"Sure, graverobbing isn't exactly unheard of around here. But I think it's pretty queer that lately that with all these dug up graves, nothin's missing except their weapons and swordbelts... They leave the jewelry an' other valuables. War goes on, cost of good steel goes up... People are gettin' pretty desparate I guess."

"Beware the shadows. They'll eat you alive!"

"That's the fourth person this month to go missing! You would think the guard... or someone would be doing something about this! I say we start a curfew, nobody out past dark. I don't know what I'd do if my little girl was taken from me..."

I saw a group of Elves come through, now normally they are friendly enough folk, but these....well if I didn't know better they had murder in their eyes. Stopped long enough to ask if we had seen any drow traveling the roads.

"He nearly killed me looking for a book. I don't get what these scholars are going crazy about books for."

"Yeah, there was a small caravan coming up from Coast Haven, I'd say that considering their pace they won't be here anytime soon, especially if they keep stopping and asking questions about weird swords. No, I don't think they were up to no good... they had a circle on their foreheads, like Galladel."

"That poor guy... said that he was hired by one of the smaller villages out here to find some missing folk and after a week turned up nothing, barely a track he said... so they fired him and... well just look at him, I guess he's taking it pretty hard."


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