"I b'aint seen ol' Sven in 'bout three days. He missed Lars tappin' a new keg. That b'aint like him. All kinds o' scratchin' an' queer chewin' noises comin' from his hut though."

 "Been seeing bears and such moving about when they should be sleeping. That's just odd, this time of year."

"100 gold? Where in the name of the God's and I going to get 100 gold, we barely have 2 silvers to rub together"

*Note tacked to the board in the Inn* If you wish to see your Jake alive, leave 100 gold in a sack by the furthest wagon in the old caravan. We'll be watching, and don't try anything funny. You have an hour or we start sending back pieces.

"Strange people coming across the rift these days, unsavory types looking for trouble if'n you ask me."

"Them Lizard folk seemed to of disapear, wonnder what that is about. Some druid said something about cold blooded."

"That creature was frozen solid, it had arrows and swords stuck in it all frosted over."

"Me and Gunth were just fishin' when this giant snake-eel-thing came on up and draggeded poor Gunth into the lake!!! No I didn't help him, I finally knew about somethin' bad before you did, and had to scramble up here to show you up!"

"It's my son again, he's hearing voices again, apparently they are calling him to a place called Clearington, I've never heard of a place called Clearington on this side of the rift. I hope it ain't those raptors again, maybe they are saying clear out of town? I think that's what we're going to do."

"So, I was huntin' out in the woods, when a large boar charged out of the brush. I thought I was going to be gutted for sure, but Gabe was ready, he gave the boar a good shove of his spear and it died right there, but that's when a strange thing happened, fire... that's right, fire! burst forth from the boar and roasted poor Gabe right on the spot! Worse thing is the Boar wasn't right, I don't know what was wrong exactly, I dunno, it kinda tasted of sulphur."

"That Troll is back, don't even try to stop it, just run away, let it kill your livestock and burn your house, it is far better than you and your kin being eaten alive by it!"

"Alright Bob, so let me get this straight, we're at war with those goblies?"
"And we're at war with the Valarians?"
"And I hear those crazy vest and long coat people want to go to war with us over a burnt settlement or something?"
"And there are problems with the Vamps that our people have gone off to fight"
"And we still get invaded by every scary thing that goes bump in the night, day after day, month after month"
"And as poor farmers, we are stuck tilling the land until we either die, or wise up and go back to Kormyre proper?"
"You got it."
"So, are we leaving"
"Why not?"
"Without all that stuff, I'd have nothin' to talk about."
"Yeah, I guess we're stayin'"

"I feel we should join him, if he wins, then we reap the rewards when he comes into power, if he loses, we can betray him at the end for profit. It's a win-win situation if we play our cards right."

"I've been seein' an aaawful lot of new folks walkin' around the town, armed to the teeth lately... No, these don't look like the normal folks that flock here. Ones I'm talkin' about, they look like professional fightin' types, sellswords, y'know? A couple called themselves Vultures or somethin' like that. Just what we needed..."

"Been hearin' a lot of talk from the other nearby villages lately. Their gravekeepers keep finding graves overturned. Don't think it's undead or nothin', the poor sods always been dug up I hear and wheel tracks in the dirt."

"Heard this terrible sound the other night on the road... Sounded like a bunch o' rotters. So I grabbed my ol' mace here and went to look... Next thing I know, I'm here, shaking so bad I'm spilling my drink all over myself... All those sounds were coming from that one thing..."

"My whole field burned to the ground! What am I going to do now?! Nothing will grow there anymore!"

"I heard a treant broke the old bar, so Jonas grabbed a carving knife, wrestled the big ol' tree monster to the ground and then carved a new one out of it"

"It's not a chicken, Hank! Don't get near it! It turned Gregor inta stone!"

"So, orcs hate the smell of fresh baked goods? You sure about that, Ike?"

"This man in a long leather coat and a funny hat came up to me and offered to purchase any silver I had at double its value. I know it was grandma's favorite tea set, but gold is gold."

"There's a scurvy dog hanging around down by the Mage's Guild. I heard him saying that he's wishing he had some warmer clothes soon, and he already looks like he skinned a family of bears."

"I'm telling you, this is the perfect time to smoke out those cutpurses. They stick to where there is trade, and with everything closing up in the winter months, they'll have to come by here. Now you make sure to keep an eye out."

"The cold does strange things to people's heads. Why, just the other day I saw a fellow serenading a greenskin. Who does that?"


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