"There been a funny lookin' fella tryn'ta sell all sorts of weird stuff. Think he had a crazy lamp and some other junk. Says it's all powerful stuff. I dunno about that."

"Ye can hear it if ye listen close enough to the wind. A child's laughter."

"Ralph, all you have there is a piece of glass. Just because it LOOKS like an Emerald, doesn't mean it actually IS an Emerald. I can give you 2 silver for it, but that's the best I can offer you."

"No, sir, that really wasn't me. I am not the one who stole your money pouch. These two men with really big weapons will prove that to you."

"Dark forces are at work in Drega'mire, I tell ye. All these new and fancy things coming inta Port Valandra. T'ain't natural. T'ain't right. Pass me some of that there tobacoo, would ye, Horace?"

"I bet Gaalderon still has spies in Kormyre. Hell, they probably have some running around Travance. Don't ever trust anyone! You remember what happened last time with that Devon girl?"

"I swear there been lots of little imps and other Abyssally things about the last few weeks. Seem to be looking quite confused as to why they're here too. Luckily them heroes of Travance seem to take care of them rather quick-like. Perhaps it ain't nothing to be worried about afterall."

"Kevan got sick so fast! Thank Gaia there was a healer nearby. Said he saw a crying girl on the road and then next morning, he's near death."

"Undead? Why am I not surprised. You'd think that in this town people would learn how to keep the dead underground."

"There was an odd man in here the other night. He had a black scar in the shape of a moon on his face. He kind of creeped me out a bit..."

"The relic wielder shall never break the curse! All who give her aid shall perish with the Master's sickness. Death to the siren's daughter! Death to the heavenly angel of Travance. The lady shall wait forever for her cure."

"The door was locked from the inside, I swear. Of course I had nothing to do with her disappearance, do you really believe that? She was in her room one minute, I went outside, there was a flash in the window, and when I ran back in I had to bust the door down - she was gone, I tell you. All that was left was some shiny glittery stuff..."


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"You know the thing that makes gods fight against each other or marry one another? Or when something changes the minds of men to do wonderful or horrific things and no one really understands why? Whatever it is that makes those things happen... If there is a god that does that, I aspire to be that god."

~Paetros Yhatzi

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