“Hey, what happened to that shifty-lookin’ fella that’s been hangin’ around the mage’s guild the last few months? Last I saw him he was pale as a ghost, talkin’ about the ones that walk the deeps.”

"Did you hear what happened to those lil' towns near that old mine? All sorts of fires and cave ins..."
"And a whole buncha rotters too, don't forget them... I don't know who set that fire, but they've got a lot to answer for..."

“My uncle tol’ me he seen somethin’ down by the water the other night.”
“Hydra a’sturin again? ”
“No, he said they looked mo'e like snakes wif arms”

"Something feels off near that Ostcliff field. I dunno what though."

-"W-w-what was in that wine? I don' feel so goo..."

"Did you hear about the meetings going on over at the Gate's Rest? They're saying the other Ambassadors are real mad with the Calisvorn one! Something about a hidden forge?"

I was drinkin' at a tavern by the docks, when I went to sleep I was woken to the face of a horrible scaley monster staring through my window when I grabbed my sword and looked back the image was gone. As I went back to sleep I heard a whisper on the wind,"Sakatha"

Kalderack the Cold you say. I hear he was a powerful mage, treasure seekers have been looking for his tomb for some time now.

An old man wondered into the Dragon Claw babbling a strange tune about a hero named lance and lizard kings revenge. Then he passed out, when he awoke he had no recollection of coming to Travance.

"A Giant snake that summoned undead out of the rift? That's got Glomm written all over it!"

“Uuggh! That’s a powerful batch of spirits ya got there Connor. Now, when am I supposed to get my sight back?”… “Connor?”

“Those two were making eyes at each other an awful lot. I tell ya it’s gonna end bad once her husband finds out.

"Hey, you remember that long haired zoo-keeper? The crazy one? Haven't seen him in awhile..."

"Saw a couple o' real frazzled lookin' folks wandering the roads. Been trying to offer up some silvers to get people to go fight some kinda abominations... Like anyone is going to buy into that."

“Word from the north is that there are a bunch of angry barbarians talking about how some folks from Travance unleashed a terrible evil upon the world. Must be Tuesday, I guess.”

-"Heard tell of a treasure buried out in the woods. Used to belong to some bandit king back in the day. But when I went looking for it, place was covered in ice and I was shivering through my three layers of woolens. T'weren't natural."

-"Good night, sleep tight, don't let the Wendigos bite!"

"You know what I ain't seen in what feels like a month of Sundays? A bunch of screaming evil goblins! No, that ain't a good thing! That means we's due!"

"Who's that uppity feller what's askin' questions? I don't like the way he's lookin' at our militia post."

“Remember those rough-looking folks collecting donations for the Church of Light? Turns out some of them actually were working for the church. But how do you tell who’s really an agent of the church and who isn’t?”


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