"Something odd going on in the weave. There is a lot of energy building, can't quite put my finger on it, but someone or something powerful is gathering a lot of power."

"Must be some kind of Sylvan festival. I've never seen them so busy cleaning and getting their finest ready"

My dog Ralph is the friendliest beast you'll ever see, but this old man came knockin' a few days ago askin' for directions to the Proper and I ain't ever seen Ralph so scared in all my days. Man had long white hair, but his eyes was the scariest color red I ever seen this side of Hell.

Can you believe it? Tweren't more than ten people at Mass the other Sunday. What's Travance comin' to if the Church of Light stands empty of worship day?

"The seas aren't safe. Pirates are raiding everyone they find sailing!"

"Yeah I said a drow baby. I was in Winterdark and I saw that Cinder fellow with it, they say it's only half drow though, the other half is elf."

"I know it's spring 'n' all, but I aint never seen dis many buggers out so soon."
"Shush you! Dem hel'ga'mites make great bait."

"Valdalis isn't safe at night! Caravans are being raided constantly."

"Sometimes at night I've heard about shadows down by the lake. As if someone is looking for something."

"Hear 'bout that McFurour lad? Drank an oger under the table!"

"Not but three days later, BAM, entire shed fell on him. Family's cursed I tell ya."

I'm sound asleep then suddenly this woman's in my room with a knife to my throat asking me if I'm asleep! Cold steel has a way of wakin' someone right the heck up, let me tell you! Goes on about how the time of dreams is almost at an end and soon dreams will be made flesh or some such nonsense. If I hadn't seen the cut on my throat the next mornin', I'd have thought it was just a nightmare.

"Yeah I swear was jus' walkin' through the woods and came on a whole mess a bears. They just sat there. Watching me."

"So this Bedouin with a golden brand on his head comes up to me. And he says he's got good pay for exciting work. I got right the hell outta there quick."

"They just stood there for a good long while, asking about the proper nobility. Seemed like nice enough folks, but they couldn't take their eyes off of the stars."


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Third Quarter Moon
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Rudolph: "How long has it been since you were last in Travance?"

Orias: "7 years or so."

Rudolph: "That would have been when Klarington Everest was Baron, was it not?"

Orias: "I murdered Klarington Everest."

Rudolph: "How awkward. Allow me to change the subject."

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