"I don't know if I like what he's preachin'. They do care about us, right?"

"We'd be better off without em! They're the reason that things get ruined in the first place! We don't need em!"

"What was that thing?! It's not like any rot I've ever seen! It just shrugged off everything I threw at it!"

"So a dryad wants us to stop killing things. And someone who thinks they're a wolf said Travance would stop or she'd offer her life? Yeah, like that's going to happen. Travance is full of killers, you think an animal means anything to them?"

"I swear that plant reached out and tried to trip me!"

"I've been hearing music in my head, but no one else hears it! It sounds like a child's music box... "

"I'm telling ya, I'm not going swimming this year. There's a Kraken in that lake, and I've heard rumors of something called a Moatbeast too. It's not safe."

"They say it's hunting paladins..."

"Said he was lookin' for his old friend Kharum Chan. I heard of that fellow from the Market Faire. Wonder what he wants with him."

"He was drinking at the bar and some poor sod came up to 'im to get 'im to leave. Pushed the guy away and 'e fell over stone dead. An 'e never even looked up from his mug."

"What's with all those forest folk running around with them rabid dogs. They're gonna get to my herd one day. Need to put down them mutts."

"And when I came too I was just standing over his body, knife in hand. I swear I don't know anything else!"

"String him up! He's a no-good thief, he is! We'll show him what the law is out here!" "Is it just me, or are the animals getting bigger and meaner?"

"Something's off with the forest. I can't put my finger on it, but it just feels... wrong."

"The visions... Make them stop! In my head... Oh gods, save me!"

"Victor is right!  These heroes are only hurting us!  High and mighty crap!  I lost my son because they wouldn't stand to reason."

"What did I tell you? Stay away from the lake. Be glad it only ate one of your sheep and not you."

"That sister of Lady Blackthorne is quite a looker, let me tell you. Wonder if she's single."

"They say her ring finger was cut off and she had wedding vows all carved into her skin. Fair gives you the shakes, don't it?"

"I's don't care who hears me! They's murders, plain an'simple! Ain't nothin' heroic 'bout a bunch o' bigheaded idjits killin'anythin'what looks at 'em funny an' bringin' all manner o' wars an' unmentionables down on us! We'd be better off without 'em, I say!"

"Heard something about some swabbie talkin' about the jungles. There aren't any Jungles in Travance. I mean, we got a swamp, but that's really about it."

"Worthless! I lost everything because of them!  They think they're better than us!  So what if I can't cleave a man in half with the swing of a sword?! I can till a field! That's real talent!"

"It's getting nice out again, but that just means a different sort of trouble, as usual. Wonder who's going to help me till the fields? If there's to be a harvest, we have to get to planting now, after all."

"Damn woman's always goin' on 'bout her damn hog! How good a pet can a slab of bacon really be?"

"A ghost I swear! I seen it down by the lake at night!"

" She wouldn't shut up! Strangest satyr I ever met.,and thats saying alot. She wouldn't be still and kept singing,
“Hoofs and horns
Hoofs and Horns
We will die then be reborn”
kinda creepy. Then I turned around and she was gone!"


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