"Do you think he's dead? There's no way they could have survived against those two."

"Andorra have mercy, you hear what was done to that poor girl last moon? I hear the guards caught the fella what did it. I can only hope he stays locked up for a long, long time."

"Was the oddest thing. Bits of wood and scraps of animal fur and blood were all over that one little patch of forest. My coney snares were all smashed to bits, and I got meself the heebie jeebies. Soon as I heard a growl, I hoofed it, right quick."

"I ain't ever seen such a mean little halfling. I thought they were all nice like, but this fella was as dour as a dwarf without ale."

"Doc, I can't tell ya why she let me live. After she was done threatenin' me with that big knife of hers, she smiled and said 'He'll be here soon. Prepare yourself. Sweet dreams.' "

"Momma! Momma! They were fightong, momma! In the air! They had wings, an' one had a sword, an' the other could shoot fire!"
"That's nice, honey, now finish your chores and wash up. Supper's almost ready."

"The castle has been taken! Kormyre is lost!"

"What's this racket about an ancient mine in Travance? How could you NOT miss a hole in the ground that big!"

"There be dark clouds on the horizon, they feel wrong."

"The King has arisen and not one day did his bloody thirst falter."

"SAKATHA, I see him in my dreams, help HeLp HELP."
"I think he's dead, what was he muttering about." "So we had a Necromancer came to Travance. Big deal. We get those all the time."

"I tells ya they's not cows, theys people dress'n as cows!"

"It's so strange, one minute there's this troll barreling down on us, next it's running in fear. What? No I'm not a demon!"

"On that subject, you know what's weird? I found the dead body of my cousin Nathan in one of my empty barns. But I saw Nate not but 10 minutes after. I asked him about it, and he said I was seein things. I wasn't, I know what I saw. Even stranger, it was gone when I tried to show him."

"Remember when all of them heroes ran off to save that girl that was snatched up by a tree?"
"Vaguely, Why?"
"I can't help but wonder where that thing came from."
"Who cares, it's dead, we're not. Now, are you going to pay for those drinks yet or no?"

“A group of rather creepy-looking knife-ears came by last night. I don't know who they were, but they looked like they were on the way to some sort of war.”

“The butcher's boy seems to like her a lot, I wonder if she realizes that.”

"Since when did he carry around a skull on his belt? That thing creeps me out!"

"Cults in the woods? What is this time, a cult of people thinking they're Dragons?"
"Oh... Right then. At least they don't think they are Nobility, then we'd be in trouble."
"Some of them are."
"Oh. Well then we ARE in trouble." "I'm tellin' ya, da, I heard chantin' comin' from that cave by the two bridges. No, it weren't evil soundin'. Sounded like the prayers we hear at Mass on Feast Day."

"Valos save us! There's no where safe to go anymore."


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