"Do you feel it? Every time I look into the woods I feel like I am being watched."

"I have just mastered earth magic and when attempting to summon an earth elemental nothing happened."

"Hey, did you see that hoighty-toighty merchant what walked through town square the other day. Acted like 'e owned the place, 'e did!"

"Yeah, I heard the church was looking to buy all the wood they can get their hands on. For pyres I'm guessing. Ye think the Tellinghasts are involved?"

"So this Doc and me were jibberjabberin about why I'm afraid o' wolves. Well, we have a nice chat, anyway end up having a wolf chasing me on my way home if you can believe it or not!"

"With all these so-called evil druids popping up, it's no wonder we haven't had a good growing season. Mind you, the pumpkins are doing incredibly well though."

"I keep hearing these weird barking noises from the woods, but I never actually see anything. Creepy."

"Did you hear? That Londwyn lawyer got an invitation to the Abyss! Maybe they really are working together!"
"Who? Demons and Londwyns?"
"No, demons and lawyers!"

"A strange woman passed through my village mumbling something about a lizard king. She looked determined and heading toward proper"

""Helpsss. Wee needsss your helpss. Tribe corrupt" I swear that is what the two lizardkin, they looked like they were running from something or someone"

- "Know that little copse of trees? Animals seem to be avoiding it, and whenever I'm near, it feels almost... wrong."

- "They say they're protecting us, sure. But what if they're actually bringing the demons here because they're in league with them?"

- "I dunno, it was some painted up barbarian fella. Talkin' bout the land rotting away and a worm eating the heart of a tree. I just assumed he had a few of them mushrooms the herbalists tell you not to eat because thry'll make you see things."

"I'm telling you the shadows are moving on their own! I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't live anymore!"

"New folks moved in the ole farm nearby. Decent folk, quiet, keep to themselves. Though they keep askin' bout what I make my fences with. I keep lookin at em strange and sayin its wood, but theys wonderin what tree was cut down to make it. Hows I supposed to know, what'm I a lumberjack?"

"You notice how its gettin harder and harder to get to the proper? What used to take an hour now sometimes takes all day, I might just sell local and be done with it all good like. Don't need the monster attacks neither."

"So this guy came to town last night looking for a 'colorful gypsy'. Don't they all fit that description?"

"A man asked me if I knew anything about Cults in Travance. I told him no and he punched me right in the face! He asked me again, and I screamed for a guard, and as soon as I did, he started running. Thank Valos I have a set of lungs on me."

"A crazed man can to our town demanding we give ourselves over to the true owner of these lands and he became violent. The guards arrested him and he is in jail now."

"What the 'eck is a Sakatha, I don't know, and I don't care none neither"


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