"What does someone do to get a two hundred gold bounty on them anyway?"

"My cousin went missing last week, and just the other day I found his sword sticking out of a tree. I wouldn't have thought anything of it if it wasn't sticking hilt-first into the trunk."

"That was the biggest damn beetle I've ever seen! I ain't lying; It was the size of a dog, and eating a dead horse at the side of the road!"

"Been hearin' about about some trouble ou Pendarvin's way... People have been jumping an' beatin' the tar out of militiamen an' guards, accusin' them of stealin' babies."

"That freaky, long haired animal collector was pokin' around here the other day with some nervous lookin' fella. I hear way too many stories from folks that come back from his little ventures... Don't care how good he pays."

"I've been hearing a lot of weird screeching sounds around the docks lately... Strange flashes of light coming out of the water and weird shapes under the surface causin' 'em... What? No I haven't been drinking and no they weren't eels, eels don't have legs."

"Somethin' bad is brewin'. I don't know how to explain it, but there's a dark cloud coming."

"These nightmares just won't stop. It's like I'm walking through a horribly mangled forest and this thick mist lines the ground. Can't see anything past it. Over and over, there's whispers telling me to do awful things. It feels like someone's been watching me too. I need to see a doc about this."

"Gaaldron's assault from the north was broken and they went to retreat! What luck that after all this the kingdom prevails!"

"Found a pile o' bodies in the woods the other day, it was the smell that summed up me curiosity but the flies that drove me away."

"Quite a feather that boy has in his cap, wonder whats got him in such a mood..."

"What? No I don't have time for a drink, need to chop wood, winters right around the corner."

"Think ya know someone and BAM they go 'n' stab ya in the back"

"You say trolls wondered into your farm?"
"O dear yes, terrible things they are, thankfully some of the Heros of Travance were in earshot. Mopped em up right quick."

“Captain West? Captain Esteban? Who can figure out these Coast Haven types? Coast Haven’s at war and these two are hunting treasures? No wonder the Khitanese hate the Coasties, there’s just no sense of honor or duty there, just love of money!”

“Who can keep these thugs straight? Why, can’t anyone just make a fancy piece of paper that looks official and demand my money?”

“Something’s strange. The birds are singing, the animals are in the forest, and I didn’t hear about a farm getting burned or looted today. I don’t know, it just feels...unnatural. Like something is deeply wrong in the world. I think I need a drink.”

"Fella asked me if I knew any yellow sorcerers. Told him callin' sorcerers cowardly is just as like ta get ya turned inta somethin' unnatural."

"Harvest is a-comin'. Wife's got our torches and fallow-pig all set up outside. Ain't no scaremortals gonna drive us out, no sir!"

"You know Edgar's boy, Jimmy? He said he was out near the Bloody Stump and saw all them nursery rhyme things just standin' in a field, like they was waitin' for somethin'."

"Ain't got a clue what the damned thing is or what it does. What I do know is that Lord Aleister's payin' a big purse for any of these here Gnomish gizmos and I'm gonna cash in before he sobers up."

"Come to the true path of Valos heed not the foul words of the betrayers. Only we who are chosen and have not abandoned the word can lead you forward!"

"And so it came to pass that Valos did charge his true faithful to bring riches back to the church that was so despoiled and robbed of its glory."

"Rise up Rise up all followers of the true church, throw off the shackles that bind you and take back what is rightfully yours"

"Surly you have seen the weakness Brother, surly you can see that there is no strength, no might no glory left. Come, come to us and see, join us and feel power once again."

"I don't care one bit. I still ain't following some mind spook!"

"Is that thing in the water still causin' trouble?"

"Because I said so! Ain't no boy of mine wearin feathers in his hair!! I don't care who you saw doin it!"

"I swear that howling from the forest is getting louder. It ain't made by no natural creature, that's fer sure!"

"I hear there's this weird glowing cloud over the fields of Alisandria that rains dead animals down on the fields. Hey, free fertilizer, I say!"

"I went to see this fortuneteller the other day, and she offered me these two bottles. Said one of 'em was what I needed, and the other was poison. That can't be legal, can it?"

"I ain't heard from ol' Jack or his wife in a week. Wonder what's become of their little girl?"

"It was this queer wailing. And when I stopped soiling meself and went to check outside, there was a deer all slashed up with its antlers stickin' out of its eyes! So I picked up right where I left off soiling meself."

"It's the same nigtmare over and over and over again. He was eating people! I haven't slept in days..."

"So he comes into the bar an' just starts drinking and rambling how he lost his otter. Who'd keep an otter as a pet?"

"You got stopped on the road too? Yeah she let me go after I knelt and answered a bunch of questions. Never been so scared in my life."

"Lizardkin everywhere! We should see if one of those Heroes can make armor outta them if you ask me. Finally have a good use for em."


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