"Who is Julie? What's everyone talking about Orias being right? Isn't he a bad guy?"

"What's wrong with burnin' them at the stake? Everyone loves a good ole burnin'."

"Exs-coma-whata? When did the church stop being the church?"

"The woods is alive, I tell ya! Alive and tryin' t'kill us!"

"A 200 gold bounty? Start getting the nets ready, boys. It's steak and the good stuff for us all soon!"

"Did you see that gorgeous galleon docked in the ports? The one with the multi-colored banners? Yeah, of course its legitimate - I accepted their fees personally, and all my men got a hefty tip besides. Sapphire Stag she's called. Not sure what they're doing here, but they can stay as long as they want if they keep paying so well."

"Sparkling wolves. I swear. They destroyed the hen house and would have gotten me too if I didn't bolt the doors as fast as I did."

"You know that merchant from across the rift? Rengad or something like that? I hear he's coming back. I wonder what he has this time."

"Is it just me, or are all the witch hunters getting ready for a fight with someone they don't want to talk about?"

"Doc, can you analyze dreams? I keep seeing lots of water when I sleep - I hate the ocean. What does that mean?"

"Red 'is cap were. Crimson 'is smile. 'E comes into homes to break mortal bones, laughing all the while."

"Alright now, moi son. You owe me an' moi boys a considerable sum. 'Oim a reasonable man, so 'Oil give you thirty seconds to cough up what it is you owe or moi boys 'ere'll beat the taste out of your mouth and the sound out of your name."

"I hear ol' Telly followed them lights off into the forest and hasn't been heard of since. Serves him right, if you ask me!"

"Dead?! Well, what did that pretty girl he went home with have to say?"

"Throw it in the pile, it's not like there's a market for goblin shaman tongues anymore."

"I tell's ya, I'm sick of it Tim! I say if these folk comin' in can do it so can we! We's all people like everyone else, so I reckon we can do good as any o' these others! Let's join the fight! I betcha we can impress these heroes!"

"I normally get good trade along the river. Them Lizardkin trade for metal tools and weapons. I haven't seen none of them for a few months now. My coffers are nearly empty."

"If you travel deep into the heart of the Swamps. There is a chance you may hear the sound of battle and hissing. Wonder what that is all about"

"Be afraid of the darkness. Carry a lantern. They don't like it. I don't know why, but that last flicker of light is your last hope of staying alive."


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~Altarus Deathbringer shortly before being betrayed to the Paladins

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