"Well if they says we can be heroes, then maybe I wills do somethin 'bout it!"

"Is it my imagination, or did that portrait just stick it's tongue out at me?"

"Rise up Rise up and reclaim what is ours. We stood at the forefront, the bulwark against the tide of darkness that now threatens us. But we were cast out called corrupt, called heretics, blasphemers. Yet now we stand at a precipice, can this damnation that threatens us all be any coincidence. The barrier is broke and the defenders scattered....and why I ask you. I will tell you, because we allowed corruption and weakness to invade our church, because too many ears listened to the lies propagated by the pathetic ones that now lead this so called new church. I say to you, that this that we now face is our just punishment from the gods for allowing this to come, that our doom is self made. But I also tell you that it is not to late, come to us, give us your support and we shall rise up and cast off the weakness that pervades and once again reclaim our right and power."

"I heard that he's planning to hide and let us all die! What kind of leader is that!?"

"Selendrias is done for. Did you hear what the Londwyn's did? They're smoking out the elves with forest fires!"
"I heard Selendrias sent in scout troupes to kill the Londwyn generals while they were sleeping..."
"Yea! That's why those crazy stuffed shirts started burning it down in the first place!"

"You didn't hear? Terrance's home was invaded last night, but the doors were all locked from the inside. He busted down the door, but all he found was the body of his wife, her throat slashed. I didn't see it myself, but I heard someone had started to write a sentence on the ground in the blood. What could 'Mortal is' mean to say?"

"An all the sheeps wool just keeps falling off. Makes me think that grass was funny or sumthin."

"Yeah no word of a lie. Two dark elves, smiling and having a good time. Playing cards with some guys even. Even invited me to play, I just went back to my drink and didn't say a word."

"There's a chill on the winds by the coast, it's not natural, I tell ya! There's something foul a'brewin' under the waves, I can feel it in my bones."

"I don't care what happens anymore. I've lost just about everything since I've been here. What do I have left to lose, my life? Take it! Then at least I can go before Gaia and Galladel and say it wasn't suicide. Maybe then I'll get to see my family again."

"Barbarian tribes sending an envoy to Travance? That could mean anything by itself, but I heard there's a war party a few months behind them, waiting for the winter months. I hope it's not another war, there's enough of those as is already."

"Every night I hear a scratching coming from the other side of my door. I throw it open quick as lightning but I never see anyone. Whoever it was keeps leaving claw marks though. I'm about ready to move!"

"Why on Arawyn would you think that the words 'Blight' and 'Keep' would be a good place to go! Don't you know that 'blight' means 'bad place that ruins all of my bloody crops' and 'Keep' means 'Somewhere that only people from Travance who want to get themselves killed will go'! Look what you brought back! Now my crops are dying!"

"I hear that Pendarvin pissed off an Avatar of Brazen a while ago. How did they escape that one?"

"So there's this guy that's been roam around town. He kind of just mumbles a lot to himself, but I'm starting to think he actually knows something about someone...."

"...tripped while following lights in the woods, who does that these days with all the faeries about? That child is lucky all he got was a broken arm after that."

"You eat your vegetables and clean your room, or the Jailor will come take you away!"

"I ain't never seen the Count get so angry! I ain't never seen him glow blue, either!"

"Can you believe he said he used ancient barbarian magics!?"

"We found a few of the children outside - yes, at least they were alive, just terrified. They said men with red caps had taken their parents, and had told them to tell us what they'd seen - could this be a new cult?"

"Gaaldron stormed Glangsdale. The outskirts are ruined. Refugees have been moving further south. The greenskins are going take it completely. Where is the military support?"

"They are right you know. All this began because the church is weak, they weren't before, not with them in charge. The darkness was held at bay and now it will overwhelm us. Truly the gods are punishing us for our failure."

"I heard that some of those 'heroes of Travance' murdered a pair of gypsy children. what kind of sick person would do that?"

"alright, I have seen plenty of goats eating bushes, but I have never seen a bush eating a goat until today."

"No Roger, I don't think they will make you a squire"
"why not?"
"because you just got fired from your third job this month."

"We must root out the heretics of this new church. what have they done for us but weakened us against the darkness. Burn them all, it is the only way to prove our devotion and save ourselves from the darkness."

"No, I ain't never seen no green deer. Boy you dumb or color blind!"


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