"Stay in the light! It's the only way!"

"I heard that Selendrias was decimated. Since they got no help from the high elves, Londwyn trashed what was left after the demons."

“There’s something moving under the waters at night, I tell you, and the fish, they’ve been washing ashore dead each morning, rotting from within! The smell is getting unbearable!”

“The Church of Light has lost much, I think it may be time to visit and pay our respects to the clergy we have left.”

“I just don’t know what to do anymore, it just seems so hopeless. Death and war all around us. It was one thing when it was just us here in Travance and the occasional war somewhere else, but what are we even fighting for anymore?”

"I swear, the twinkling light wrote words in the sky! Really! What in the planes is a Mortalis, and why does a little light want it so badly?"

" She had a scream like a banshee, except I didn't drop dead..."

"I saw these ghosts of a hunting party in the night sky earlier, then a sudden scream. sounds like they caught what they were hunting."

"Why are the two boats over there so loud all night? They seem to be having a party."

"Sometimes I just wish I could pry out my eyes and not have to deal with it all anymore, know what I mean?"

"Here take my sword, and armor, and the key to my cabin. I don't need possessions anymore where I'm going. Paradise awaits me, for a glorious new dawn has come."

"Maybe we should just take the deal! It can't be worse than that "painful and absolute death" thing!"

"I met this merchant the other day in a tan cloak, but I can't seem to remember a thing about him! Weird!"

"Glittering Gold Trading Company? Never heard of 'em? What do you mean they refuse to do business with Travance?"

"I bet I can trick some travancian sucker that this worthless finger is some powerful magical thingy and make a years worth of wages."

"Mamma you know the man who's been bring us good every night? I haven't seen him in a days. What happened, I'm hungry."

"Wow Bill there have been a lot of people with dirty marks on their heads. I wonder what they are for."

"With the world going to hell, people will do anything to survive."

"a friend of mine from the other side of the rift arrived the other day, he mentioned that his town was destroyed by a pair of demons, how are we supposed to kill a thirty-foot-tall demon, much less two?"

"What you humans call "civilization" is crumbling, Arawyn is angry for your crimes, and now she demands blood."
"that's what the knife-ear said... Sounds kinda crazy if you ask me..."

"Who would be cruel enough to blind children? That's worse than murder in my book!"

"The children were left on the doorstep of the building, totally traumatized. They've barely said a word, but when the constable put on his red hat, they started screaming until he put it away . No, I don't know whose kids they are yet, no one does, but they had signs hanging around their necks, written in blood - no, not their own blood, I don't know whose. "It doesn't belong to you" one sign said, the other said "The Mortalis is Ours".

"The Count shouldn't have scorned Evernight! They could have been a big help!"


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