"Everything is crashing down around us. There's no hope left!"
"Don't you say that! Don't you ever doubt these people. They're heroes! They lay down their lives for us every day they get a chance to even wake up. They have more heart than anyone could ever hope. Sure we catch some of the backlash sometimes, but they really try to do right by all of us. We wouldn't even be here if not for the countless that have laid their final rest just so people like us can look at the smiling faces of our sons and daughters one more day. So no, you're wrong. There is hope. There is hope as long as we believe in them."
"Ya know sometimes I think you wish you were up there fighting with them."
"Not sometimes, I it wish every day."

"The high elves have fallen. The forest elves have fallen. Kormyre is nearly ruined. These evil things keep coming like there's no end to them. How can anyone hope to survive something like this!?"

"Your home is destroyed, and your gods have abandoned you; yet Arawyn still provides. Follow me, and be welcome in your new home."

"There was another of those warships in the port today. What kind of cargo needs that kind of guard?"
"Considering how things are these days? Most everything"

"and then the demon threw the poor sod clear across the rift... At least what was left of him..."

"Will someone shut that damn elf up? I have enough to worry about without doomsayers yelling at me!"

"It's been so silent lately.  No one to even gossip with anymore.  It's a little unnerving.  Is this the end?"


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Liam: "Nothin' like a good buzz before a battle, eh?"

Mixolydia: "It's terrible that you should have a bottle in each of your hands and I should have none in mine."

~Long Pause~

Liam: "Thanks very much Buzz McKillington. Now I need another bottle."

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