"How can there still be rats in the dead of winter?"

"I swear to you I saw some sort of green glowing coming from the woods, not sure what it was but them demons are behind it I tell you!"

"Drums? Hope those weren't war drums, that's all we need."

"So many dead. Well, at least I'm getting paid to burn the dead. The ground's too frozen to dig them graves."

"Too many refugees are coming into town. We should close the gates. We've barely got enough food to feed ourselves, why should we care about the rest of the world?"

"Thank the Gods the Count put a stop to price gouging. I heard from someone that a loaf of bread is 5 gold pieces in what's left of Londwyn."

"The problem with defeating Xualla is now that every villain is gonna to want to come to Travance to see if he can measure up. Thanks, heroes of Travance. Thanks for nothing."

"I don't care if it was your sister's favorite shawl. She's dead, she ain't needin' it no more so I took it. Hey, put down that knife!"

"Cold hands, cold heart. Warm hands, they's got wood. Stab 'em an' take it!"

"So I went in my cellar to get the last barrel of grain, turns out that's what we used last month. On another note, rat actually doesn't taste that bad."

"Ya know, one good thing is there's a surplus of iron... just as long as there's someone to melt it down, which there aint."

"Goblins 'r jus basically green demons that'r still youngins. The trick is ya never let 'em hit their thirties."

"I was out scroungin for food when I came upon the largest Gypsy camp I ever seen... right outside o Port Valandra too... musta been a hundred easily"

"A goblin clan in Tolaria! What's next, Dark Elves?"

"They say there are caches of food hidden all over the forests of Kaladonia! Maybe it's time we went on a treasure hunt!"

"Did you hear what happened to Derran Damn shame. He used to tell the most wonderful stories. Lost his voice in the war, he did. Now we might never get to hear how they end."

"Elves dead. Dwarves dead. Goblins dead. Humans dead. Only things that ain't dead is the damn monsters!"

"where the hell has that butcher been getting all of the meat from? There arebarely any cows left."

"has anyone seen my daughter?"

"with all of the refugees crammed into one area, someone is bound to get sick."

"Ok, who pissed off the mountain. It sounds like the Volcano is about to erupt."

"You know one thing Necromancers have going for them? An endless supply of dead bodies. That kinda comes from the aftermath of a war."

"One, two, Jack's coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door. Five, six, don't you fall for his tricks. Seven, eight, don't walk alone when it's late. Nine, ten, you're never seen again..."

"They said that when the Guard opened the door, he'd eaten his entire family! What kind of sick monster could do such a thing!"


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