"..and then he said that they would make me live for 40 more years and make my death painless, so I converted to Galmachis." "Shhhh! Do be sayin' things like that in public!" "Why shouldn't I?"

"I can hear hissing at night.  I think my property has a snake problem, but I'm not sure who can help.."

"So I went down into that cave to see if the dwarves left anything behind, and they were still there. Weird part is they was in a circle chantin' some nonsense about cendus or sindius or somethin. Spooked me right good, so I got me outta there."

"I hear there's gold n silver pieces lying around everywhere on account of how the demons didn't care bout that sorta thing. There's all kinds of goodies if yer willin to dig through the snow."

"Have you seen him?  He had scales!  No he didn't grow scales, they were sewn on to his face!   Who would do something like that?"

"So the two bigger ones tore the smaller one in half and started eating him. I tell ya, times are bad when ogres are eating each other."

"Bandits have been hitting what's left of every grain silo or storehouse. Seems like they are the only ones who realized food is worth more than gold now."

"That Gypsy camp by Port V? Yah, it's just about doubled in size. Some O them are actually building homes without wheels!"

"I saw this big burly guy outside of the church, just spent the whole day splitting logs. I'm no expert but you couldn't use that much wood in 5 winters. I wonder what they need it all for?"

"It feels kinda spooky with so many dead.  This place is just empty now."

"I think it's high time we take to the mountains.  It's not safe around people anymore!"



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"It would seem that we can tick off our first theorem already: all the tea and biscuits in the world will never make a civilised party out of a band of Celts."

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